Shanghai Has A Sherlock-Themed Cafe Featuring Lots Of Cumberbatch

sherlock cafe 7

Just like much of the rest of the world, China loves Benedict Cumberbatch and Sherlock. Fans watch the series, write fiction, and if they’re in Shanghai, they can go to a cafe called 221B Baker Street. Though it isn’t decorated like Sherlock’s apartment (missed opportunity) it is packed with lots of nods to the series.

The wall has photos covered in giant Post-it notes discussing plots from Sherlock, the menu says “I believe Holmes,” tables are covered clothes that look to match Sherlock’s wallpaper, and art featuring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman is all around. It’s just the sort of place to hunker down and solve a mystery or to sip tea and stare at paintings of Cumberbatch – whatever floats your boat.

See more photos of the cafe after the break.

sherlock cafe 1

sherlock cafe 2

sherlock cafe 3

sherlock cafe 4

sherlock cafe 5

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sherlock cafe 9

sherlock cafe 10

(Shanghai Daily via BF)


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