Watch People Play Games While You Eat At The New Square-Enix Restaurant


A couple of weeks ago we reported on a Japanese Cafe being opened by Square-Enix. As mentioned, they were also planning to open an eSports establishment in Ikebukuro. As it turns out, the new restaurant is called “Storia”, and the concept centers around diners watching people play video games while they eat.

Screens are set up around the venue showing the game currently in play, with one massive screen on the exterior of the building. The gamers themselves taking pride of place on a center stage. The restaurant already has events scheduled featuring play sessions of Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light, Dissidia, and Street Fighter V, and they even have a raffle allowing diners the chance to enter and play the games themselves.

It’s a nifty concept, especially considering the expanding popularity of stuff like Let’s Play videos and eSports over the last few years. But is it catchy enough to sustain itself? Only time will tell. For now, though, you can check out photos of the venue – as well as some of their menu items below.



Images: Mich Suzuki




Images: Famitsu

(via Kotaku)


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