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The Dos And Don’ts Of Date Food

A first date is stressful enough; you have to work hard to present yourself as a totally different person who has no bodily functions, perfect manners and interests that are exactly the same as your date’s. Now on top of that, you have to reconsider the food you’re going to eat, because some of it could kill your mojo. That’s where this list of 10 foods you should never eat on a first date comes in. Some of these are obvious, like garlic, spicy foods, and anything that will cram food between your teeth, like corn on the cob. Remember, you don’t want to eat anything that is snot generating, fart inducing or will make your mouth smell like an open sewer.

However, others are ridiculous. Ice Cream cones? Spaghetti? Soup? Any food that could be messy or noisy means you need to learn how to eat. Then there’s the budget issue. If you take your date out for burgers or wings and he/she gets all pissy about the fact that you didn’t break the bank at some fancy restaurant that serves portions the size of a Tic Tac, then you can end the date with the unmistakable phrase “Go F yourself”… F, of course meaning “feed”. Check out the link below to view the complete list.

(via Citypages Photo via Life)


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