You Can Party At Applebee’s In Times Square For Just $375 Per Person

applebees nye ad

And now, in the “I’d have to be seriously drunk to think this was a deal” department, did you know you can party at the Times Square Applebee’s on New Years Eve for just $375 per person?

Yep! You get “Live DJ on each floor, Premium Open Bar, Satellite Stations, Premium Chef Selection buffets, Dessert Stations, party favors and more” from 8pm to Midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Of course, I’d be curious to know what the bar considers “premium” and I’m not sure what food suddenly becomes a “Premium Chef Selection” one night a year, but this sure sounds like they’re pulling out all the stops.

If you’re on the fence, the manager of all 38 New York Metro Applebee’s Zane Tankel assures everyone “you wouldn’t know you were at an Applebee’s for that one night”.

At $375 for 4 hours of partying at Applebee’s, I hope that means you’d be blasted enough to have no idea where you are. On the plus side, you could save about $75 per person and go to T.G.I. Friday’s instead.

(via Buzzfeed)


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