Blue Apron Is The Solution To “What Do You Want For Dinner?” [Sponsored]

I’ve been a Blue Apron subscriber for over a year now, so when they contacted me about promotional opportunities I was thrilled. I cook these meals week in and week out—and I love it. So, naturally, I was all about some free food.

The bottom line is that Blue Apron is perfect for people that enjoy cooking (or really want to learn), and want to make dinner more of an event than a basic meal or ordering take-out. Plus, it might be cheaper. Let’s start with some things I’ve cooked in recent weeks:

Top Image: Smoky Pork Burgers

Creamy Shrimp Spaghetti

Cheesy Chicken and Black Bean Enchiladas

Seared Chicken and Pearl Couscous

Tangelo and Honey Glazed Salmon

Moroccan Chicken

Meal plans are available in 2-person (3 recipe minimum) and family options (4 person, 2 recipe minimum) with prices of $9.99 and $8.74 per serving respectively. At minimum, that works out to $59.94 and $69.92 per week (you can skip any week). Where I come from, two decent (not Subway) sandwiches will run me at least $16-$18. Blue Apron also offers interesting dishes while saving me the trouble of finding a recipe and heading out to the grocery store to gather the ingredients. Since the ingredients in each Blue Apron recipe are precisely measured, I’m not stuck buying more than I need.

So far, I haven’t cooked a single Blue Apron recipe that I didn’t enjoy. I’ve also been extremely impressed with the quality of the ingredients. The portion sizes aren’t huge by any means (though sometimes you’ll be surprised), but it’s enough to satisfy me and I’m 6′ 3″ and weigh over 200 pounds.

Each recipe takes around 45-minutes on average to prepare and cook, so if you’re not willing to commit that time, than a meal subscription service isn’t for you. Personally, I find that time to be relaxing. Cooking and enjoying these dinners with my wife at the dining room table in the evening is one of the best things about my day.

Head on over to Blue Apron to learn more and check out what’s on the menu. As a bonus, a $30 off deal on your first order will be offered to anyone that signs up through That’s Nerdalicious!


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