Chip Bags Are So Full Of Air, College Kids Turned Them Into Rafts [Video]


We all know the frustration of getting a giant bag of chips only to open it and find it mostly full of air. It’s become enough of a frustration in South Korea that people are even complaining online about “nitrogen snacks” in reference to all that air. College students Sung Taek Chang, Sung Ho Yoo, and Hyun Soo Park decided to highlight the problem by turning the air-filled bags into rafts and floats.

They’ve messed around with some prototypes but have one in the works that will be built from 180 bags so it’s big enough to hold two people. They’re even planning to use it to sail across the Han River. Once they’re done, assuming they don’t sink, they’ll either be eating the chips or donating them to a charity.

See more pictures and the video after the break.


Image: Enha


(Yonhap News via Kotaku)


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