Science Says You Should Eat Popcorn At The Movies


Scientists at the Cologne Institute have found an excellent reason for you to pick up that giant tub of popcorn next time you’re at the movies. They’ve discovered that munching on food helps you resist the affects of advertising. According to researcher Sascha Topolinski:

“The mundane activity of eating popcorn made participants immune to the pervasive effects of advertising… This finding suggests that selling candy in cinemas actually undermines advertising effects, which contradicts present marketing strategies. In the future, when promoting a novel brand, advertising clients might consider trying to prevent candy being sold before the main movie.”

This means that not only can you munch on that popcorn, but all those overpriced treats are fair game. It also means advertisers aren’t technically getting the bang for the buck that they think they’re getting—but that’s their problem. I’m heading back to the concession stand for some Milk Duds.

(Guardian via The Mary Sue)


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