90 Famous Sandwiches On One Chart

sandwich chart

There are so many wonderful sandwiches out there and this chart captures some of the most famous from around the world. From Pop Chart Lab:

Lettuce introduce you to our most impressive sub-mission yet: A savory chart of sandwiches! Featuring an internationally inspired, mouthwatering menu of nearly 90 hand-drawn heroes, gyros, and much, much more—from the basic Bologna to the revered Reuben to the veritable food-pocalypse that is the gut-busting Gatsby—each enticing edible has been deconstructed into its various components and sorted by primary ingredient, along with notations for country of origin and serving temp. An open-faced love letter to the super-heroes of lunchtime, this delectable diagram makes delightful decor no matter how you slice it.

You can buy the chart as a print and hang it on your wall so you’re never short on new sandwich ideas.

Product Page ($29 via Laughing Squid)


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