Sushi And Tacos Join Forces At Norigami Tacos

If you love Japanese flavors but prefer the handheld convenience of a taco, then Norigami Tacos could be the Frankenfood purveyors you’ve been waiting for.

The newly formed business has made a name for itself at festival booths, offering products such as the Ramen Noritaco, which consists of a seaweed taco shell stuffed with Ramen noodles, slow cooked pork belly chasu and homemade miso sauce topped with corn and green onion; Mr. Krabs Taco, offering soft shell crab, spicy mayo, and citrus ponzu sauce; and Crispy Sushi Burritos, boasting crispy seaweed wrap, sushi rice, krab mix, and ahi tuna poke.

Currently the business is located in LA, but they’re currently running a crowdfunding campaign with the hope of starting up a brick-and-mortar restaurant.

(Norigami Tacos via RN24)


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