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Ghost Pepper Chili Flakes: Some Like It Face-Meltingly Hot

If you like your food spicy, and I mean spicy to the point that you get a rush when you’ve actually survived a meal, then you’ll love these Ghost Pepper Chili Flakes. Simply put, the Ghost Pepper (aka: Bhut Jolokia) is one of the hottest peppers on the face of the Earth.

To put this into perspective, Ghost Peppers clock in at over 1,000,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units). Original Tabasco rates at just 2500-5000 SHU.

Warning: use these flakes sparingly. SPARINGLY. The product page also notes that it’s “for oral use only.” We can’t stress that enough. Don’t go trying to sprinkle a few of these on your anus—that won’t end well. In fact, your end will be quite unwell.

Product Page ($12)


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