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Sriracha Factory Partially Shut Down Because Smell Is Giving People Headaches

sriracha factory

Back in October, the city of Irwindale sued the nearby Huy Fong Foods factory over Sriracha. It sounds weird, but the factory was giving off such a noxious and spicy smell that it’s been causing residents in the area to suffer headaches. And now, a judge has ordered a partial shut down of the factory. Huy Fong Foods tried to argue the offensive part of manufacturing – grinding jalapeno peppers for the key ingredient – is past because harvesting season is over.

No word yet on what all of this will mean for Sriracha sauce availability. I’m going to stock up just in case. I mean, if nothing else, the stuff is probably effective as a zombie weapon – hot sauce in the eyes hurts.

(HuffPo via The Verge)


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