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Man Goes On Okotberfest Sausage And Beer Diet, Sheds 14 Pounds


Arizonian Evo Terra lost 14 pounds last year, which is a great thing, but it’s even more impressive considering his unusual diet: For the past three years, he’s lived off a diet of beer and sausages during the month of October. Typically, he consumes two sausages and up to six beers in a day—which adds up to about 15,000 calories per week.

“Most of it was body fat,” says Terry Simpson, Terra’s doctor. “His cholesterol went down by a third.” Simpson also monitors Terra’s overall health–if and when the day comes that the diet proves to be harmful, it will be “shut down.” But for now, Terry is giving Terra the green light.

The key here is that Terra made sure to burn a certain amount of calories everyday (2100 to be exact) while only consuming 1500 calories on a daily basis. He also mixed up the beer and the sausage: He ate a wide variety of sausages, ranging from breakfast sausages to polish doggies, and drank fruit beers, imperial stouts and everything in between.

But there is one important catch though: Because of the amount of booze he was consuming, his son volunteered to drive him around for the month of October.

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(Fox via Foodbeast)


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