Chips Ahoy To Make Ice Cream Flavored Cookies?

cookie ice cream

Desserts always have to get bigger and better, and it looks like Chips Ahoy is taking packaged cookies to the next level. According to Foodbeast, the company will be “releasing four new flavors of ice-cream inspired treats.” The flavors are beyond the confines of basic chocolate and vanilla and are reportedly Dulce de Leche, Mint Chocolate, Mocha Chunk, and Root Beer Float:

Dulce de Leche-inspired cookies will feature caramel cookie base with dulce de leche chips. Mint Chocolate takes an unusual approach with dark chocolate cookies and mint chips. Mocha Chunk (a personal favorite) unites the classic chocolate chip cookie with mocha chunks for added crunch. And perhaps the most unique of the bunch, Root Beer Float, features vanilla and root beer chips mixed into what we can only hope is a vanilla ice cream-flavored cookie.

It should be noted that as of right now, Foodbeast seems to be the only outlet reporting this, and that the above image is not to promote the new product, but was posted on Chips Ahoy’s Facebook page in early January to promote a cookie dough ice cream recipe. However, if the ice cream-flavored cookies do hit shelves, I’ll be trying them out!

(via Foodbeast)


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