Japan Dares To Make Pizza Covered In Chocolate Cookie Bars


Look, maybe I’m a weirdo, but I like a sweet pizza. It looks like the folks at Aoki’s Pizza, a Japanese pizza chain that’s based in the country’s Tokai region, are pretty fond of sweet pizzas too. They recently debuted a new pizza that is actually covered with broken-up chocolate bars and pineapple.

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The Aoki pizza features a whole mess of Black Thunder (pictured above), which is a Japanese chocolate bar that’s packed with cocoa-flavored cookies and biscuits–according to RocketNews24, the bars are somewhat like a Snickers, but instead of peanuts, think crumbled-up Oreos instead.

The pizza, which is called the Pizza Black Thunder, costs 1,139 yen ($9.68) for a small, 1,899 yen ($16.14) for the medium, and if you’re really hungry, there’s also a large which costs 2,853 yen ($24.25). The pizza will be available starting on November 27 for a limited time.

(via RocketNews24)


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