Learn How To Make Oreo Rice In 20 Minutes And Prosper

oreo rice

Okay, I’m going to skip over the fact that it looks like black mush and just get to the part where we remind you that it’s OREO RICE OMG.

This mashup came courtesy of RocketNews 24, who took milk, rice and a whole mess of Oreo cookies and combined them in a rice cooker. The trick to this is to use milk instead of water on the rice, which gives it a creamier texture. Then drop in the Oreos and set the rice cooker for 20 minutes.

The hardest part has to be the waiting. Or maybe it’s moving after you basically eat the whole thing right out of the cooker with a spoon.

I wonder if you could take this a step further using the rice as sushi rice and then making candy sushi?

I’m in trouble.

More pictures after the break.

oreo rice 2

oreo rice mush

You can check out the step by step at RocketNews 24.


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