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Stardust The Super Wizard Story Comes To Cookies

A recent Kickstarter campaign for Chapel Hill, NC’s Golden Age Bakery was aimed at printing vintage comic panels on cookies, including these examples which feature Fletcher Hanks’ super obscure 1939 comic character Stardust the Super Wizard:

Stardust himself was an eight foot tall, suspiciously Caucasian alien who came to Earth to battle crime with his… well, super-wizardry, I suppose, which was pretty nebulous. Probably the best (and most well-known) example is that one time that he confronted a gangster, caused the gangster’s head to swell up and his body to shrink and be absorbed into his head, then threw the head out into space to another planet where it was eaten by the gaping hole on a headless monster’s shoulders.

The cookies were recently delivered to Chris Sims of Comics Alliance, whose attempt to arrange them in their proper reading order was thwarted by a villainous appetite.

Check out additional pics after the jump.

(GAB via CA)


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