SXSW Has Vending Machines With 3D-Printed Oreos

3d printed oreos

If you weren’t already jealous of attendees of South by Southwest (SXSW), this might push you over the edge: they’ll be able to get freshly assembled 3D-printed Oreos. The flavor of the edible printed cookies is determined by what’s trending on Twitter. What?

There’s a display on the vending machine that shows users what flavors are hot based on Twitter conversations. They can then choose from 12 creme flavors and colors for their Oreos. The delicious cookies are then assembled in front of their eyes. Yum. From what I can see it doesn’t exactly look like 3D printing, but it’s neat nonetheless.

Check out a few pics of the machine after the break.

3D oreo machine

Photo by @dutchmacdonald

oreo vending  machine

Photo by @davefleet

(AdWeek via Foodbeast)


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