The Jurassic Sweet Art Series Combines Dinos And Desserts

jurassic sweet 1

When the chefs at Jurassic Park stocked the freezer with ice cream, I’m hoping they considered something like this fictional Jurassic Sweet dessert line. Artist Alejo Malia took the dinos from Jurassic Park and mixed them with Ben & Jerry’s fun naming conventions and came up with concoctions such as Donutsaurus Rex, Oreosaurus, Cookieraptor, and Wafflesaurus. If this concept was ever made into a real product line, I’d buy it all just because of the names and illustrations. I’m a sucker like that.

More of the prehistoric dessert art after the break.

jurassic sweet 2

jurassic sweet 3

jurassic sweet 4

jurassic sweet 5

jurassic sweet 6

(Whitezine via GoA)


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