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hannibal peta

I’ll admit, I’m not always comfortable with PETA’s tactics, but this new ad by Bryan Fuller (a vegetarian) comes just in time for Thanksgiving—and it’s just too tasty to pass up.

Besides, it features Gillian Anderson as Bedelia DuMaurier once again. We’ll take whatever Hannibal we can get.

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What if a samurai wants to perfect his soccer skills? He travels from Japan to Brazil. The samurai in this video already has fancy footwork though because he’s Japan’s Freestyle Football champion Kotaro Tokuda. He dazzles everyone and somehow his display of talent with soccer tricks is an advertisement for Cup Noodles instant ramen. Maybe that’s the only thing that will satiate his appetite after so much hard work? Yeah, let’s go with that.

Watch the commercial after the break.

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pizza salad

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For their latest ad, the folks at Johnnie Walker resurrected Bruce Lee in CGI form for their Blue Label brand. In the ad he delivers a philosophical message which is somehow interpreted as “buy our booze”. Of course, not everyone is happy about this considering the fact that Bruce Lee didn’t drink. Speaking with the South China Morning Post Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter, claims that it is a “tribute” to her father. She went on to say that “I don’t think that it’s about selling booze”.

Hit the jump to check out the commercial and decide for yourself.

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David Hasselhoff must be pretty desperate for money, because he is now appearing in a music video ad titled “Thirsty For Love” promoting Iced Farmhouse Blend coffee for New England convenience store chain Cumberland Farms.

Cumberland Farms Farmhouse Blend Iced Coffee is so delicious, so refreshing, that mere words simply do not do it justice. No, it takes much more to adequately convey the overwhelming love that comes from sipping an ice-cold Farmhouse Blend on a hot summer’s day. It takes something truly special. It takes someone truly special. It takes a summer superstar. It takes….David Hasselhoff.

Check it out after the jump. We can only imagine what Greg Giraldo would have done with this gem at the Hasselhoff roast.

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While most will find this billboard to be a creative bit of advertising, my guess is that those who have indulged in spiced rum beforehand will assume the role of a pirate captain who will drunkenly try to negotiate with the mostly 2D octopus for the release of its stationary prey.

BTW, this is apparently somewhere in Chicago.

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You may remember Carlton Drought as the subject for the best beer commercial of 2012. If so, you won’t be surprised to learn that the company’s print ads are no less creative.

In order to promote Carlton Dry, the beer’s manufacturer engaged Clemenger BBDO of Melbourne, Australia, who came up with ads that show a guy wearing a shirt made of toast and another with someone wearing a cardboard snorkel in a sea of handi-wipes. Although there’s no commentary on the beer’s taste, the message is pretty clear that this stuff will f*ck you up… which is 100% of the reason people drink beer in the first place.

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Polish vodka maker Maximus is attempting to make vodka manly by doing away with ridiculous flavors and pushing a new ad campaign featuring the art of Mort Künstler, who is famous for his depictions of the Civil War. As you’ll see in the additional examples after the jump, the company wants you to believe that people who drink vodka pass the time by wrestling sharks, hunting whales and rafting raging rivers at daybreak – a far cry from the much more realistic scenario of waking up naked with a splitting headache while laying in a puddle of your own puke.

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Cadbury is trying to break their creme eggs out of the Easter pigeon hole they’ve been stuck in for so long. To that end they’ve created these Halloween “screme” eggs and enlisted the talents of The Hive, an agency based in Toronto, to handle promotion. In a stroke of genius, the agency created a series of ads in which the eggs reenact scenes from classic Zombie flicks.

Check them out after the jump. As you’ll see, the staple clucking bunny has been replaced by an unintelligible egg language, Thriller references, and spinning whisks of doom.

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