Being a dad and a full-time inter-galactic bounty hunter is tough work. First you’re taking down rebel scum all morning, and then you’re heading off to a soccer game in the afternoon–there’s always just so much to do.

This Boba Fett Apron and Tong set would be a great gift for any nerdy dad. The tongs are perfect for grilling wampa, and he can use the apron to protect his armor from stains (unfortunately, the apron does not protect against laser burns).

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dalek apron

When I think of an apron, I think of something I have to wear in a kitchen because I’m a total klutz.

This EXTERMINATE apron by Pandora’s Productions is much more than a regular apron however. It’s described as being useful for cooking, cleaning, or cosplay.

The Dalek-inspired apron is made of an antique gold Bridal satin fabric and comes in two versions. The lower priced version uses Heat Press Vinyl for details and the more expensive version is fully embroidered.

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You won’t mind having to cook dinner when it means you get to wear these fabulous aprons from Esty seller Timesticher. The Firefly version is as half-apron and features a fabric covered with chibi versions of the show’s characters. The Sherlock version is a full apron with silhouettes of the characters and some of Sherlock’s best quotes.

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walking dead apron

Want to be the Sheriff of your backyard? Don this Walking Dead apron, and you can be in charge of cooking burgers (and stopping zombies). The 33-inch long apron is fashioned after Rick Grimes’ uniform, and it looks like he’s had it on for days. We encourage you to wash your apron after any zombie encounters you may experience so as not to contaminate the food.

Product Page ($24.99)


Fred and George Weasley liked to prank everyone around them, and even if it seemed goofy, the enterprising young wizards turned their skills into a career. They opened Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, and the world of Harry Potter was never the same. Jordanene has crafted the perfect apron to remember the business, and you could wear it while brewing butterbeer or puking pastilles.

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Transform into Sailor Moon while you’re cooking dinner with this costume apron. It’s got her iconic blue and white sailor outfit and even ties in the back with a big red bow. The apron is currently available for preorder with an expected ship date sometime this August.

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animal crossing apron

When you’re making recipes from video games, there’s no reason to stop your theming with the food. The Wild Bunny takes it a step further and creates aprons to match whatever she’s making. For example, she recently made an Animal Crossing birthday cake that looks just like one from the cute game. To complement it, she made an apron like shop owner Tom Nook’s. Yes, it is adorable.

She’s taken similar approaches to games like Minecraft, BioShock Infinite, Metroid, and more!

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Backseat grillers are the worst. All you’re trying to do is grill something up for a family cookout, and everybody keeps throwing in their two cents, giving their unwanted advice on how to grill “properly.” Well, there’s one sure way to keep those backseat grillers at bay—pretend you’re a zombie!*

This Walking Dead Walker Torso Apron features a gory walker torso that will surely scare off anyone who’s trying to offer some advice on “efficiently distributing the heat” or informing you that you’re “setting all the steaks on fire.” Gosh, just let a man cook, why don’t ya?

The apron will be available this September, so start placing your orders soon!

*This apron will also work when you’re trying to camouflage yourself from real zombies while grilling.

Product Page: ($23.99)


It’s almost Pi Day and there’s no more perfect accessory in the kitchen than this apron. There are two pockets, it’s machine washable, and it proudly states “I bake Pi” along with a handy diagram.

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apron - she-ra

Cosplay aprons are pretty much the best. If you spend any time at all in the kitchen, even if it’s just making a sandwich or pulling a piece of string cheese out of the fridge, you can rationalize buying an apron to wear. Etsy seller Bambino Amore has a ton of new designs that will make many fandoms happy. She’s designed costume aprons/pinafores featuring the outfits of She-Ra, the 11th Doctor, Spock, Link, and more.

Besides putting them on in the kitchen, they’d be great to wear over a black dress at a convention. The aprons are made to order and ready to ship in 3-4 weeks.

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