It’s almost Pi Day and there’s no more perfect accessory in the kitchen than this apron. There are two pockets, it’s machine washable, and it proudly states “I bake Pi” along with a handy diagram.

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apron - she-ra

Cosplay aprons are pretty much the best. If you spend any time at all in the kitchen, even if it’s just making a sandwich or pulling a piece of string cheese out of the fridge, you can rationalize buying an apron to wear. Etsy seller Bambino Amore has a ton of new designs that will make many fandoms happy. She’s designed costume aprons/pinafores featuring the outfits of She-Ra, the 11th Doctor, Spock, Link, and more.

Besides putting them on in the kitchen, they’d be great to wear over a black dress at a convention. The aprons are made to order and ready to ship in 3-4 weeks.

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This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles apron is perfect for when you’re making pizza, or anything else, in the kitchen. It’s got Michaelangelo’s orange sash and nunchucks and will make you look just like the butt-kicking turtle while you’re cooking.

Product Page ($19.99)

Operation Apron


If you’re a fan of the game Operation, you’re probably a patient person who deals well with frustration – qualities that will also be valuable in the kitchen or behind the grill. Now you can advertise that fact with this game-themed apron that will also give people a horribly inaccurate anatomy lesson.

Product Page: (£15, or about $23 via GA)


Cosplay as the 10th or 11th Doctor while you grill burgers with these costume aprons! They’re made from vinyl, so the Doctor can focus on the (f)Ood without worrying about messes and spills.

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firefly apron 3

In addition to being one of the most wonderful science fiction television series of all time, Firefly is also one of the most quotable. It’s filled with zingers and memorable lines – seriously, you could cover your body in Firefly quote tattoos. If you’re not quite that committed, you can do something less drastic and wear this apron by Etsy seller Timestitcher. The custom fabric features classics like “We got us some crime to be done.” It’s awesome.

Turnaround time for this apron varies; get in touch with the seller before purchasing if you have a deadline.

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spider man apron top

Megan over at Portable Pies on Etsy is offering this adorable Amazing Spider-Man apron.

The main blue fabric is a licensed Spider-Man cotton print and the lining fabric is a polyester reptile pattern.

The cute, well, that’s an added benefit.

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Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 9.22.38 PM

This adorable handmade My Neighbor Totoro apron lets you wrap Totoro around your waist. It’s made of medium weight twill with felt detail and lined with cream polyester fabric. The apron is one size fits most and measures 20″ long.

Product Page ($25)

R2-D2 Apron 1

Being confident is important to being a cook. You can’t be afraid of recipes or worried about whether the people eating your food will like it, you just have to get in the kitchen and get your hands dirty. Wearing an apron you love can actually help with this. When I bake bread wearing a Mellark Bakery apron, I just feel good. If I was wearing this R2-D2 apron by Etsy seller jordandene, I’d feel invincible. It sounds silly, but it’s true.

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Haute Mess Threads Geek Chic Line is living up to their name with this limited edition Star Wars apron that will pit TIE fighters, X-Wings, the Death Star and little red bows against each other while you prepare something nerdy to eat (no doubt using this for inspiration).

If the mood strikes you, you can also accessorize and pick up some matching pot holders.

Product Page: ($50)