You could eat like Sterling Archer by following this recipe from Andrew Rea, but your wallet and your heart probably can’t afford it (Rea could only stomach a bite or two). Don’t forget that Archer is basically immortal.

The good news is that you can still enjoy watching the video while you eat the breakfast burrito you just microwaved. [click to continue…]

dolphin oven mitt

I think Pam Poovey would approve of someone turning her dolphin puppet into an insulated Dolphin Oven Mitt. If someone doesn’t buy this and do Pam impressions while cooking dinner, I’m going to be very disappointed.

Product Page $19.99


This flask has Archer’s suit featured on one side with the show’s silhouette-style logo on the reverse. Undoubtedly, it will result in a bitch of a headache and a bladder full of bourbon.

Product Page ($14.99)


Here’s the ideal way to cool a glass of bourbon while watching Archer. It’s a silicone ice cube tray that will make frozen versions of his face and gun. Preorder now for delivery in April.

Product Page ($11.99 via Geek Alerts)


Coming soon to our Nerd Approved Shop is this Archer Secret Agent Retro Style Metal Lunch Box!

Eat lunch just like a secret agent with this Archer lunch box. It’s the old-fashioned metal style that you could knock a kid in the head with and cause serious injury. Not that anyone here ever did that. (Sorry, Pam, you were being a brat.) It even comes with an insulated Glengoolie thermos commissioned by the series’ animators.

Preorder now for delivery in February 2014.

Archer Secret Agent Retro Style Metal Lunch Box ($19.99)


You know we’re fans of Archer and Archer-themed glasses and you know we love a drink now and then, so it’s no surprise that this Archer Drinking Game Pint Glass is coming soon to the Nerd Approved shop.

You can pre-order them for June and show your love for Archer when you drink.

Product page ($9)


Our Nerd Approved Shop will soon be graced with the presence of this pint glass bearing quotes from Archer (aka the most hilarious show ever) – effectively tripling its awesomeness overnight.

Hopefully the manufacturer will follow this one up with a second version emblazoned with all of the “phrasing” jokes to date… although all the laughing will likely result in your beverage making unscheduled trips down your chin, through your nose, or onto surrounding walls in a fine spray.

Watch for it to arrive in June. Pre-orders are available now.

Archer Pint Glass—$9

Archer Cookie Cutters


Celebrate what is likely the greatest show in television history with a series of custom cookie cutters from Etsy seller “WarpZone”. The set features 3D printed versions of Sterling, Mallory, Pam, and Lana which are made to order and only available for a limited time.

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This picture was snapped by Daniel Stewart, son of Patrick Stewart, at a birthday party held in his father’s apartment. He tweeted it along with the caption,”My birthday catering company sucks. Do NOT hire these guys.” I don’t know, Data looks a little iffy but Worf looks like he’s cooking up a masterpiece.

(The Mary Sue via Neatorama)