This Absolut Marvel art concept by Indonesian designer Krizia Soetaniman is something that needs to happen. It won’t of course—something about kids and alcohol. I dunno. I wasn’t paying attention to reality on this.

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han in carbonite

This time, Han isn’t the only one who gets frozen.

The annual Ice Sculpture Festival in Liège, Belgium is all about Star Wars until January 31, 2016.

This year’s festival is called Ice Star Wars and features the work of 30 artists from 12 different countries who transformed 500 tons of ice into Star Wars-themed sculptures in just four weeks.

Just make sure to bring your gloves and parka. The temperature inside the “ice box” is a balmy -21 degrees.

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Arcade Brewery has partnered with Jimmy Palmiotti and Darwyn Cooke to create “The Adventures of Dutch Courage” beer with comic strips emblazoned on each bottle.

The Session Ale is brewed with juniper berries and lemon peel and described as an “easy drinking, malt-forward beer with a subtle gin cocktail quality”.

The comic strip is a twist on the famous Charles Atlas ads, although it recasts the bully as a female beach blond and the weakling as a hipster. Besides adding humor, the comic’s beach setting and retro feel also inspired the flavor, and is intended to “mimic the twists and turns of the story”.

The new ale will be launched on November 18 in four locations that have yet to be announced.

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You may have heard about the controversy surrounding Starbucks plain red cup this year. Starbucks claims the minimalist design isn’t intended to be part of a “war on Christmas”, rather it’s supposed to be blank canvas for customers to create their own stories. Carrah Aldridge, an Ohio-based artist, knows all about that.

She uses the cups as her canvas, and she creates a wide range of cool, creative art pieces using only sharpies, a white gel pen and copic markers. She posts her creations to her Instagram, and you can check out a selection of her astounding work after the break.

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La Ricetta Ristorante Pizzeria in Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture is known for more than just Italian food – they have also become famous for creating artistic pancakes featuring popular Manga characters.

The creations are made solely with pancake batter, soy milk and awesome skill, with the color differences being achieved by varied cooking times.

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Artist Hedvig Astrom Kushner has developed a unique art project that involves blending smoothies to specifically match Pantone colors.

Here’s what Hedvig had to say about the project:

I make a lot of smoothies and noticed it kinda works like mixing paint. Add a strawberry, get a hot pink hue, add some spinach and get a subtle green. Pantone Smoothies is an artsy little project seeking an answer to the question: is it possible to create tasty smoothies in any Pantone color?

The process is pretty simple. I buy colored paper from a local art store, match it to a Pantone swatch, and make the smoothie to match whatever color the swatch is. Me and Mike photograph the fruit lay downs and smoothies using the colored paper as a backdrop, in a light box in the office basement.

The entire colorful series is up on her Pantone Smoothies website, but if you’d like to take a look at some highlights, you can check out a few additional pics after the break.

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When she’s not designing large scale structures,  Romanian architect Ioana Vanc enjoys using various foods to create tiny portraits on metal spoons. These small sculptures are layered for a multi-dimensional scene while her choice of food mediums create amazing textures. Her subjects range from Batman and Kermit to intricate wildlife scenes.

No matter the scale or medium, Ioana is truly an artist. Take a look at more of her work after the break. 

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Vermeer probably never thought that one day people would be eating representations of his masterpiece “Girl With a Pearl Earring”, but that’s exactly what’s happening at L.A.-based Bohnhoff & Kent, where food artists used the painting as the inspiration for one of their signature cake-filled chocolate “gourmet stuffed candy bars”.

As you’ll see by the creative process after the jump, the completely edible creation looks delicious and far too beautiful to eat – meaning your stomach and eyes will be fighting each other as you watch.

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Some artists rely on canvas, stone or clay as their preferred artistic mediums. But Steve Casino is different: he makes art out of peanuts. We’ve featured his work in the past, but there’s a lot of new pieces to share.

Steve’s peanut art runs the gamut: he’s done everything from mini-celebrity statues (the Game of Thrones characters piece is spot on!) to tiny horror-themed pieces. Honestly, it looks like this guy can do nearly anything with a peanut.

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Artist Leon Keer has created some perspective artwork on a boardwalk alongside the Malta Street Art Festival that, when viewed from above, makes the area look like it’s being invaded by giant gummy bears during the Battle of Candyland.

The work features a number of massive gummy bears moving toward a downed comrade, who might have become the victim of a sneak attack launched by one of the equally-sized Swedish Fish that we can only assume are lurking in the nearby waters.

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