What you’re looking at is a fan tribute to Super Mario Bros. that is made entirely out of toothpicks. It was built by BB Korry who used 140,000 toothpicks, carefully stacked and held together with glue and colored with spray paint.

When all was said and done, took a total of five days to build at a cost of $100. Could there be a better use for time and money? Absolutely—but were glad that there are people out there driven to make stuff like this.

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DeviantArtist Kahahuna has turned the familiar Starbucks logo on their coffee sleeves into wonderfully geeky works of art. There are several Doctors, a Dalek, Sherlock, and even Walter White to geek up your coffee.

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Chopping up veggies can be pretty tedious, but do you know how you can make it a little more fun? Grab one of these awesomely artistic hand-burned cutting boards from Etsy seller FrodoInWonderland.

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These lovely portraits feature characters like Daenerys Targaryen, Yoda, Mario, and The Little Mermaid. Though it looks like brown ink, it’s actually coffee that artist Maria A. Aristidou has applied to paper. She uses water paper and five different coffee blends to get the right shading. Who says you shouldn’t play with your food?

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chocoflower copy

The Ipsylon Restaurant at the The Oitavos Hotel in beautiful Cascais, Portugal is where you can find this amazing flower dessert by Chef Joaquim Sousa.

As you’ll see in the video after the break, the dessert actually “blooms” when cream is poured on it.

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Mochi is a rice cake dessert from Japan, and it’s an important part of Japanese culture. In fact, it’s traditional for Japanese families to gather together during the New Year’s holiday to make mochi. The process of making this dessert is called mochitsuki (which means “mochi pounding”).

Speaking of mochi pounding, there are a number of mochi shops throughout Japan that put their own spin on the art. There’s one shop in particular called Nakatanidou that truly stands out. First off, they specialize in yomogimochi (that’s basically mochi that’s mixed with mugwort, which gives the mochi pictured above that iconic green color), and secondly, the shop claims that its mochi makers are the fastest in all of Japan.

You’ll see in the following video that the shop’s mochi-making duo is extremely fast (nothing is sped up, by the way), and they make an excellent team–I mean, there timing is outstanding! Trust me, you’ll be impressed.

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This is waaaaaay better than lava.

Tanya Schultz doesn’t just have a sweet tooth–she has an eye for sweet art too. Schultz is an artist, and for this scrumptious project, she partnered up with another artist named Nicole Andrijevic to create a series that uses candy, sugar, beads and colorful toys to create candy-themed art displays. The duo (they referred to themselves as Pip & Pop before parting ways) really outdid themselves. Honestly, this is probably what a unicorn’s house would look like.

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totoro food art

Culinary artist SimC loves to craft vegetarian art. Her pieces typically portray classic pop culture icons, like Hello Kitty or Totoro, and my personal favorite has to be her all-veggie Snoopy piece. It’s totally spot on.

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write the fing book

We’ve all procrastinated at times and it’s easy to get distracted or even sidetrack yourself deliberately. Let’s face it, art and expression can be a lot of work. Still, we all need to find ways to remind ourselves to get back to the job at hand.

That’s where these “motivational” mugs come in handy. Not only will they hold whatever caffeinated beverage you hold dear, but they’ll flat out tell you to f*cking get on with your creative process.

They come in a full swearing version and a more PG version, but they all make themselves perfectly clear.

Maybe someone should send one of these to George R.R. Martin.

Product Page ($24 – $38 via Twitter)


Artist Yulia Brodskaya recently liberated empty pizza boxes from their nearly unbreakable association with filthy cars / bachelor pads by transforming one into a quilled paper butterfly. The corrugated masterpiece was created for (a Dutch online food ordering site) and, if actually used, will probably be as big a hit with ants as with art lovers.

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