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This little gingerbread AT-AT has embraced the holiday spirit complete with antlers and a shiny red nose. He’s on display at the Magnolia Hotel & Spa’s restaurant, Catalano in Victoria, Canada. They made it as a part of the Canadian National Gingerbread Showcase in a partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

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When people know you like Star Wars, they tend to find you the perfect items. This bottle of AT-AT mead (honey wine) is a shining example. It’s a little known fact, but Imperial Walkers make booze better. This sweet and tasty beverage is produced in Michigan in limited quantities. Even if it wasn’t delicious, I’d buy it just for the label.

The maker of this brew – B. Nektar – also has a mead known as Zombie Killer. They clearly have good taste.

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at-at cake 1

Who needs a bride and groom when you’ve got a 2′ tall AT-AT cake in the house? Chris The Cook made the groom’s cake for a friend’s wedding. It started with a wood base and the cake was filled in around it. Besides being impressed by the size, I can’t get over the amount of detail in the frosting. It looks exactly like a Hasbro toy! He even took the time to get the undercarriage just right.

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Ketchup Packet AT-AT

at-at ketchup walker

If the trees on the moon of Endor were actually french fries, this ketchup Imperial Walker would take them right down. Redditor Txmaluda was bored one day while working at Whataburger and put together this AT-AT from ketchup packets. It’s not structurally sound, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s just awesome.

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at-at liquor cabinet 2

When the Emperor has had a hard day of unleashing Force lightning, I like to imagine he kicks back with a cold glass of Corellian whiskey. He would of course store his liquor stash in a gorgeous AT-AT cabinet just like this one – he doesn’t seem the type to spare expense. Seriously though, we saw this AT-AT booze cart in progress over a year ago. Now Colin Johnson‘s completed construction and added some fancy steampunk elements. It’s just perfect.

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Tripped Gingerbread AT-AT

And here’s a pic of the gingerbread AT-AT before it was felled by a Twinkie snowspeeder.

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When a regular liquor cabinet isn’t enough, it’s time to go Imperial. This wood and brass cabinet is styled in the shape of an AT-AT. It looks to be at least 4′ tall, and it’s probably not going to be taken down by an X-Wing anytime soon. I’d store Romulan Ale in it, just because.

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Gingerbread AT-AT Version 2.0

We’ve featured a gingerbread AT-AT in the past, but this version Rachel Klemek whipped up recently for the Discovery Science Museum clearly superior.

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The Starbucks AT-AT

Not content with having a store on every street, the Dark Roast Side is adding AT-ATs to its plan of attack. If you love truly great coffee, it is your duty to tie some rope around Starbucks AT-AT’s legs.

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