I love how Oh Bite It didn’t stop with wrapping Pop-Tarts with bacon and deep frying them. Oh no—they definitely needed the extra frosting and sprinkles on top to maintain the “classic Pop-Tart experience”. The recipe is pretty self-explanatory, but you can check out more details and mouth-watering photos on Oh Bite It.

The knife created by the Green Beetle channel on YouTube should be standard issue for every American solider, for it was forged with beer, bacon, French fries and Tums. Legend has it that a fast food weapon forged by a master craftsman is imbued with with the power to give an entire army high cholesterol. [click to continue…]

Tastemade has found a way to improve on the onion ring and, of course, it involves bacon. [click to continue…]


According to US Department of Agriculture data, America’s supply of bacon is at its lowest point since 1957 due to the world’s insatiable desire for cured meat perfection.

So stop making bacon thrones. [click to continue…]

Nostalgia Electrics have finally created a product that should have existed years ago: a toaster designed exclusively for bacon. [click to continue…]


YouTuber “HellthyJunkFood” has recreated a Canadian favorite in the form of Bacon Wrapped Deep Fried Poutine.

For the uninitiated, Poutine consists of French fries and cheese curds topped with a light brown gravy. As the name confirms, this incarnation includes a date with bacon and the fryer and reportedly packs a whopping 1,300 calories.

Check out the mouthwatering video below to see it come together. [click to continue…]


Greasy stories are the best stories.

Quirky Japanese shop Tokyo Kitsch is selling a line of amusing and impressively realistic food bookmarks.

The offerings are available in eight varieties, including fried salmon, a fried egg, watermelon, toast, and of course, bacon.

See more examples below. [click to continue…]


An Australian burger joint called “Ze Pickle” has unveiled a new cheeseburger that brings together a hand-pressed wagyu beef patty, double jack cheese, and Nutella smoked bacon for a taste party held between two glazed donut buns.

Although the ingredient list should be enough to raise massive red flags for dieters and the health conscious, an additional warning is provided by the burger itself, which is appropriately named “Doughnutfukwitdis”.

Check out the full image below.

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colbert blt

Stephen Colbert’s world came crashing down yesterday when he ordered a BLT for breakfast and he noticed, too late, that it came without the “T”.

In my world, as long as I have my “B” life is worth living. I don’t even need the other “B” for bread. Just put a pile of bacon on my desk and back away. It can be on the floor even. I don’t care.

However, Stephen’s passion for a correct BLT knows no bounds. As you’ll see in the following video from The Late Show, he will stop at nothing to right this terrible wrong.

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Newly minted food blogger “Through the Eyes of My Belly” got off to a good start by utilizing some of the Internet’s favorite food items (bacon, chocolate and booze) in a single recipe.

Her Bacon Shot Glasses were created by wrapping bacon strips around foil molds, baking them solid, coating the interior with chocolate and filling them with a mixture of milk and Kahlúa.

In order to further woo the web, she is offering a step by step that you can find here .

(via Neatorama)