When camping, there are few problems that are as pressing as how to keep beer cool out in the bush. Thankfully, Igloo has come to the rescue with this new Trailmate cooler that can reportedly keep your brews chilled for four days thanks to special insulation.

The Trailmate boasts a capacity of 70 quarts, or 112 beers, and also offers oversized wheels designed for rough terrain, a butler tray with cup holders, tie-down loops for hauling chairs and towels and bottle openers on both sides.

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This pint glass amuses me.

Indeed, Wesley Crusher could probably use a drink. But, of course, he can’t. Wil Wheaton doesn’t have to worry about that though! We need to see him enjoy a pint of W00tstout out of one of these immediately.

Star Trek Wesley Crusher Pint Glass ($9.99)


On February 23rd, undercover agents from the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control went to see Deadpool at the Brewvies theater and bought beer. Now Brewvie’s is facing fines and the potential loss of their liquor license because of a Utah obscenity law prohibiting the sale of alcohol in the same place where nudity or sex acts can be viewed.

Apparently, an R-rated movie qualifies. I mean, c’mon.

Brewvies has decided to fight back, declaring that the law itself is unconstitutional. In order to fund the legal action, they’ve set up a Go Fund Me page to cover the cost of legal fees and fines.

Ryan Reynolds heard about Brewvie’s plight and it appears that he may have donated to the cause himself. He also had something to say about it.

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Geek store Cognitive Surplus has created a line of glassware for chemistry buffs that feature the molecular makeup of the beverages they’re designed hold. The line includes glasses suited to water, coffee, beer, wine and whiskey.

Besides being educational, the glasses are reportedly printed with eco-friendly ceramic ink for a raised rough texture. The ink also fires on at temperatures of up to 1,200°F and becomes part of the finish, so the image won’t peel, flake, or scratch.

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ghostbusters beer pong table

Skip the “spirits” and grab some beers because this Ghostbusters beer pong table is an actual thing that you can buy. It even features built-in LEDs.

Who you gonna call to help get rid of all the spirits you’ve got hanging around other than the Ghostbusters? He-Man can’t save you. This Ghostbusters Light-Up Beer Pong Table allows you to take the party up a notch and do drinking games the right way. Featuring an image of a frightened Slimer hanging around as the four Ghostbusters blast the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man into a viscous goop. The table measures 6 1/2-feet wide!

Ghostbusters Light-Up Beer Pong Table ($189.99)


These pint glasses may have a Star Trek: TNG-style communicator badge design, but something tells me that the more you use them, the more difficult communicating will become.

Set up your own version of Ten Forward with this Star Trek TNG Insignia 4-Pint Set. A set of four, the glasses are clear, red, blue, and gold with TNG-style communicator decoration applied. They hold 16 oz. of whatever you’re drinking, whether that’s water, O.J., synthehol, or Aldebaran whiskey.

Star Trek TNG Insignia 4-Pint Set ($24.99)


Making your Vault-Tec vault a little more comfortable can be a real challenge. I mean, aside from the lack of space and the ever-present radroach infestations, it’s tough to find glassware out in the Fallout wasteland that isn’t cracked, stained or irradiated. Thankfully, ThinkGeek has this four-pack of Fallout-themed pint glasses.

So pour yourself a drink and raise a glass to your favorite Fallout corporate entity (yay RobCo!).

Fallout Pint Glasses: ($24.99)


The madness has begun again: the first photo from the upcoming season of Ash vs. Evil Dead features our sort-of hero enjoying his days in Jacksonville by joyfully chainsawing a keg. While Ash left last season hoping to live in peace, we know that his bliss won’t last for long.

Craig DiGregorio, the show’s executive producer, had this to say about the new image:

When you have a chain-saw hand, this is how you tap a keg. Unfortunately for Ash, the party is cut short when he must return home to continue the fight against evil.

Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 2 returns this fall.

(via TV Insider)


The rite of passage into adulthood too often means that the joys of childhood lose their luster. That was the case for John Halcyon Styn, who one day found that the magic of an Easter egg hunt was gone.

To remedy the situation, John’s mom decided to reinvent the process by presenting a bunch of empty cardboard 6 pack holders filled with plastic green grass and declaring:

“The front yard is filled with micro-brews. Each of you is responsible for finding 6 beers. There are wine coolers and cans of Ensure for Grandpa. You can trade bottles after the hunt is over.”

No thanks Grandpa. I’ll stick with my IPA.

Of course, the promise of booze gave the “withering tradition” a “new fervor” and now the annual Easter egg hunt is eagerly awaited.

Image via Epic Beer

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beerdrink copy

World of Beer, a chain of craft beer bars with locations in 16 states, is looking for three interns who will get paid to spend their summer drinking beer around the world.

The interns will visit all sorts of breweries and beer festivals, sample plenty of tasty beer, and blog about their adventures. World of Beer will pay each intern $12,000, and cover all travel expenses.

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