If your life goal is to sample every craft beer on the planet, this print from Pop Chart Lab will definitely aid you in your journey. Their “99 Bottles of Craft Beer on the Wall” scratch-off chart allows you to “track your progress through a craftily curated checklist of brews” by rubbing off the gold foil of each type tried – sort of like a lottery ticket where everyone wins a tasty buzz.

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The Hexcup is touted as the “world’s best beer pong cup”. Indeed, we haven’t seen a breakthrough like this since the Slip Cup eliminated your dirty, dirty balls.

The cups feature a honeycomb-inspired design that allows them to nestle up to their neighbors perfectly, eliminating wasted space and facilitating ease of re-racking. To sweeten the deal, the cups are dishwasher safe, feature reinforced corners to resist cracking and prevent ghosting.

The hexacup is currently the focus of a Kickstarter campaign with prices beginning at $15 for a full set.

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If you happen to be a fan of H.P. Lovecraft (or if you’re trying to impress a certain monster who might be taking over the world sometime soon) then you might want to pick up this badass handmade Cthulhu mug from Etsy seller KachaktanoMugs. It’s made from porcelain and it can hold 18.5 ounces of beer.

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Beer is rarely, if ever, associated with balance, concentration and control – but that was until it was used for a “beer yoga” demonstration by YouTuber alysemv’s 60-year-old stepdad.

Needless to say, it was an interesting Thanksgiving in this household.

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mountain_keg copy

Standing at 6’9″, Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson crushes skulls as The Mountain in Game of Thrones. In real life, he uses his incredible size and strength to compete in strongman events throughout Europe.

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He recently took part in the Swedish qualifying round of the World’s Strongest Man competition, and as you’ll see in the awesome video below, he tossed a 33-pound keg 24 feet and six inches up and over a high bar, setting a new keg toss record.

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Beam yourself up a delicious beverage or two with these Star Trek Transporter Pad LED Coasters from Think Geek.

Of course, these coasters can’t make beer just materialize out of nowhere (the ultimate goal of science has yet to be realized). However, this set of four coasters can mimic Star Trek’s transporters with LEDs and sounds. When you pick up or put down your drink, the coaster lights up. It also plays either the dematerialization or materialization sound (if you’re not keen on all the sounds, you can set it to just light up).

Product Page: ($29.99)

german tank

How precise is the stabilization system on the gun of this German tank? Good enough for it to balance a mug of beer at high speed over rough terrain without losing a drop.

Watch German engineering at its finest in the video below.

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Is that life-size R2-D2 fridge to rich for your blood? Not to worry. The R2-D2 or BB-8 Mini Fridge (pictured below) can chill the same amount of beer. It also has a warm setting.

Sure, it won’t bring beers to you like the life-size version, but it does cost about $8,830 less.

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A pub in Bristol, England called “The Bag Of Nails” has made a name for itself by housing 15 cats for patrons to enjoy.

Needless to say, the place is far from heaven for allergy sufferers, but the owner reports that the reaction is “mostly positive”. The cats were all born in the pub and will sometimes sit in customers’ laps, making this place as much about feline fanaticism as beer.

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Arcade Brewery has partnered with Jimmy Palmiotti and Darwyn Cooke to create “The Adventures of Dutch Courage” beer with comic strips emblazoned on each bottle.

The Session Ale is brewed with juniper berries and lemon peel and described as an “easy drinking, malt-forward beer with a subtle gin cocktail quality”.

The comic strip is a twist on the famous Charles Atlas ads, although it recasts the bully as a female beach blond and the weakling as a hipster. Besides adding humor, the comic’s beach setting and retro feel also inspired the flavor, and is intended to “mimic the twists and turns of the story”.

The new ale will be launched on November 18 in four locations that have yet to be announced.

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