Growlers typically come in two sizes: 32 ounce and 64 ounce. However, if you need to transport more beer than a growler but less beer than a keg—that’s where the 128-ounce “Juggernaut” from Drink Tanks comes in. It’s cast from stainless steel and features double wall vacuum insulation.

You can also order one that comes with a CO2-powered “Kegulator” cap, which will help keep the beer pressurized. It even features a dispensing tap.

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Some people collect quarters representing each state and display them proudly on wall-mounted maps. However, if you prefer to spend those quarters on vacations and beer, the new Beer Cap Map is for you.

Crafted from 1/4 inch laser cut veneered plywood, the map will help you preserve the memories of beers gone by—displaying the caps of bottles consumed around the country. In addition, it features etched state capitals, small holes for easy hang-ability and a patent pending “cap capture” design which will snugly hold your cap collection in place.

If you prefer to drink in a particular state, the manufacturer is also creating individual maps of all 50, and hopes to have the complete collection available by May.

Product Page: ($68 via Cool Material)


Drink to House Stark or House Targaryen with two of the coolest looking Game Of Thrones steins released thus far. Both are available for pre-order with a release slated for May 2015.

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top-20-beers-america-infographic top

The craft beer movement is certainly going strong, but the list of the 20 most popular beers in America still reads like a list of the 20 most popular bottled waters in America.

The amount of Bud Light sold here is truly staggering. As they say, most macro breweries probably spill more beer on the floor each day than most craft breweries produce in an entire year.

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Newcastle Brown Ale has teamed up with The History Channel to release a special brew that celebrates the Vikings season 3 premiere. They also made a funny commercial to go along with the beer.

It shows a misguided attempt to get some product placement into the show despite pretty massive issues with historical accuracy.

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Here’s the perfect way to toast your next big scientific breakthrough. These 16 ounce glasses feature all sorts of science equipment like a microscope, pipette, test tubes, Ehrlenmeyer flask, and graduated cylinder. Images are screen printed in navy blue ink and are dishwasher safe.

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This mouth watering brew is perfect to share with your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

It’s a brand new amber ale from Second Self Beer Company, aptly named Bleeding Heart, that combines Peruvian cocoa nibs and whole Madagascar vanilla beans to give it the essence of red velvet cake.

“There’s no seasonal beer for Valentine’s Day,” notes Second Self owner Jason Santamaria.

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Don’t expect Bleeding Heart to taste like dessert however. From Food And Wine:

That would be way too heavy,” Santamaria says. The result is quite dry and meant to pair with everything from cake to steak. “Vanillin, the compound found in vanilla, is also in oak barrels and in charred or roasted things,” he says. “So that little bit of char on the steak really brings out the vanilla in the beer—but not in a sweet way.”

Unfortunately, if you don’t live in Georgia, you’ll have trouble getting your hands on this delicious draft. If you do, well, there’s more good news. Second Self plans to expand their Valentine’s Day lineup in the coming years with “barrel-aged Old Heart, Bitter Heart (made with extra cocoa) and Wild Heart (a sour version).”

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Oh, Target (Round 2)

enhanced water

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Oregon is home to a bunch of top-notch breweries. From Deschutes to Rogue, there are just too many to list. So, if you’re like me, and you’re a fan of all the brews that The Beaver State’s pumping out, then you should probably pick up The Oregon Pint.

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This 16-ounce glass is handblown, and it features a tiny Mt. Hood at the bottom. Believe it or not,  the creators of the Pint utilized data from United States Geological Survey to create a mini-Mt. Hood that’s astoundingly accurate.

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star wars growlers

Well, Ackbar’s Ale would have to be Trappist. So that’s probably out.

Whether you homebrew or you just like to drink beer, now you can do it in Star Wars style with this custom engraved beer growler.

You can have this 64oz beer growler engraved with a number of different Star Wars characters and logos from both the Rebel and Empire sides.

You also have a choice of adding pint glasses and a bottle opener to get all three.

Product Page: Growler ($26.99) / Full set ($49.99)