I have to say—Etsy seller ScravisMugs makes some seriously badass vessels for beer and coffee. These one-of-a-kind monster mugs were thrown on pottery wheel, hand sculpted and hand painted. True works of art that may or may not try to kill you. The Agent Toht melting face scene from Indiana Jones comes to mind. [click to continue…]

Keurig is looking to get in on the booze market by teaming up with Anheuser-Busch InBev to produce an “in-home alcohol drink system”. [click to continue…]

Today’s showers aren’t just about getting clean and inconspicuously weeping before going to that job you hate—oh no. Now you can take the edge off with Shower Beer.

Sure, any beer can be a shower beer, but this strong pale ale from design firm Snask and Sweden PangPang brewery has shower-ready features like fun branding and a convenient 6oz size which makes it drinkable in only a few sips. The idea is that you would be able to get a buzz on quickly before the beer gets warm, but for the multitasking alcoholic that likes to linger, a six pack in a cooler outside the shower is still the best way to go.

At this point, there is no word on availability, but the Shower Beer Behance page does indicate that it is, in fact, an actual thing that can be ordered by contacting the design team directly. [click to continue…]


There are no words.

Well, there are a SOME words—mostly adjectives and swears ending with question marks. Perhaps a little laughter followed some unexpectedly serious contemplation about how I can justify buying hand-knit beer and shrimp socks.

Beer And Shrimp Socks ($46)


Facebook’s fake news problem isn’t confined to politics. Apparently, it also extends to things like this Fisher-Price Happy Hour playset featuring the barkeeper baby of meme fame. People actually complained about it.

Rest assured gullible citizens. Fisher-Price assured worried folks that the “product is not endorsed, produced or approved by Fisher-Price”. [click to continue…]


Bottle cap bar tops aren’t a new concept, but imgur user thepassionofthechris has perfected it with this build. Apparently, friends and family saved caps for five years specifically for this project. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Mark from Victoria, Australia appears to love the challenge of a claw machine but doesn’t find cheap toys appealing as prizes. His solution? The Beer Claw Machine.

The one-off device was created using a typical claw machine, and allows users to liberate beer via an airlift rescue operation. However, there are still some bugs to work out, not the least of which is figuring out how to handle the cans so they won’t explode when opened. See the machine in action below. [click to continue…]


Swedish brewery St. Erik offered a little for a lot with this five pack of chips that sold for a whopping $56, or more than $11 a chip. Amazingly, the gimmick worked because a limited batch of 100 boxes sold out inside a week.

See Also: The Hottest Chip On Earth Will Be Sold Individually In Coffin Boxes

The expense stems from the fact that the chips were made by hand along with the exotic ingredients featured in each of the five individual flavors. LuxuryLaunches describes the ingredients thusly:

“Matsutake mushroom from pine forests in the northern region of Sweden, Truffle seaweed from the waters around the Faroe Islands, Crown Dill that was hand-picked on the Bjäre Peninsula in southern Sweden, Leksand Onion that grows just outside the small Swedish town Leksand and India Pale Ale Wort which is the kind normally used to brew St:Erik’s India Pale Ale.”

Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

Aquaman Likes To Party


The cast of Justice League threw a little wrap party recently, and it appears that Zach Snyder and even Batman himself withered under Aquaman’s intensity. They both have that awkward look on their face that says “I cannot hang with this man, I can only hope to survive”.

Of course, as we’ve seen in the past, Jason Momoa is a dude that knows how to have a good time. Check out pics from the party below. [click to continue…]


The one good thing about being old enough to remember playing games on the NES is that you are part of a generation that can fully appreciate the Bartendo line by Ink Whiskey.

Some of the items include warp pipe shot glasses, Kegaman double pint glasses (they should make a cocktail shaker version), Legend of Zelda Triforce ice trays, cartridge flasks, and more. It also looks like some of these items are going fast, so if you want something, you may want to power up and get over there before it’s game over. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]