If you have little ones, making sure they have a healthy, balanced breakfast to start their day off right is very important. It helps if they have some fun at breakfast time too. That’s why you should definitely check out this Egg-a-Matic Boiled Egg mold, which transforms boring boiled eggs into cool little scary skulls. It’s pretty simple to use: basically, all you do is boil an egg, peel it, place it into the mold and cool it. You’ll have a whole mess of grinning eggy skulls in practically no time!

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New Year holidays are a big deal in Japan with the whole country closing up shop so everyone can gather with their families. They also eat something called osechi which is stacked in bento-like boxes and eaten over the course of several days so no one has to cook.

The food even has meaning, like shrimp to represent the elderly and beans to represent health or loyalty. It can even be had in a Pokéball-themed container that includes traditional foods along with stuff like hamburgers to make the kids happy. Each one contains a whopping 26 dishes and costs $136.

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A stay-at-home-mom based in Singapore, Li Ming specializes in crafting amazingly artistic meals for her two little boys. For the past three years, Li has made a wide range of entertainingly cartoony bento boxes, desserts and other snacks that are all inspired by pop culture, video games and, of course, cartoons. I have to say that they’re pretty flippin’ adorable. What do you think?

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Grumpy Cat Bento


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First we told you about Sony’s character bentos housed in PS3 shaped boxes., then we showed you the Metal Gear version. Now it’s time to reveal the Final Fantasy version, which uses ham for the characters’ skin, eggs for the blond hair, and dyed sliced cheese for the pupils.

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On Monday, we showed you the PS3 shaped boxes for Sony’s Final Fantasy and Metal Gear “character bentos”. Today, thanks to this photo by Hideo Kojima, we reveal the Metal Gear bento itself – and it’s even more glorious than we could have imagined:

Kojima pointed out that the faces were made from mashed potatoes, the hair and beard were green onions, while the eyes were quail eggs. Tapioca was used to achieve the eye color.

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Dalek Bento [Lunch Time]

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