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This cutting board doesn’t have a lot of faith in your knife skills. It’s either convinced you’re going to hurt it or that you’re going to hurt yourself. Looks like it’s trying to keep you from making this dripping blood cutting board a reality.

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The folks over at Mustard made this very cool (but ultimately kind of twisted) Splash Red Chopping Board which is available for pre-order at mzube. Just be careful when you start chopping away, OK?

Product Page (£16.99 or $26.13 via Laughing Squid)

It’s hard to imagine a silicone spatula as a cutting implement, but that’s the look you’ll get with this bloody “Spatulart” spatula. Besides the gore, you’ll also get a thin, dishwasher-safe head that will easily slip under food without scratching non-stick cookware, as well as a brushed, stainless steel handle.

In addition, you’ll also have a great accessory to compliment something like this – throw in your best crazy impression, and see how many people stick around to eat your food.

Product Page: ($8.45)

Apparently this blood-filled water cooler was created as part of a campaign for The Vampire Diaries. Let me tell you from experience—obtaining several gallons of human blood is no small feat. Probably should have just filled it with this blood energy drink or some V8.

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