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Luke Wholey’s Wild Alaskan Grille in Pittsburgh, PA has raised the bar for ostentatious beverages by offering this happy hour Bloody Mary that’s garnished with shrimp cocktail and a fried soft-shell crab.

The drink also includes two olive eyeballs that will give you a bizarre and haunting blank stare prior to being consumed.

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Summer may be nearly over, but there’s still plenty of time to cool down with this very adult popsicle concoction. These Bacon Bloody Mary Popsicles are perhaps the greatest treat you’ll have all summer. You start by soaking the bacon in some vodka, then wrapping it around a breadstick and baking it to form the stick for your popsicle. Next you poor Bloody Mary mix into a popsicle mold, insert the bacon breadsticks and freeze overnight.

Check out the full recipe from Perry Santanachote over at Thrillist.

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We thought the last Bloody Mary we posted was the pinnacle of drink engineering, but Vancouver bar Score on Davie decided to toss their hat in the ring with the insane version pictured here.

This Bloody Mary is topped with: a pulled pork mac and cheese hot dog, chicken wings, a slider, a full sized burger, a whole roasted chicken, veggies and even a brownie for dessert complete with whipped cream!

Oh, and a pickle. Can’t forget the pickle.

I think they need to put some Rolaids in there somewhere.

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Comedian and podcaster Randy Liedtke had a craving for a bloody mary. Not satisfied with the traditional tomato juice and booze layout, Liedtke decided to up the ante a bit. He wanted to create a truly, one-of-a-kind bloody mary, the likes of which no mortal has ever witnessed before.

So here’s what he did. He assembled a whole mess of insane edible goodies and added them as garnishes to a bloody mary. The final items included: four pieces of fried chicken, a pepperoni pizza, two double cheeseburgers, another bloody mary, onion rings, fries, garlic bread, pickles, olives, an actual onion, a lime, a footlong sub and a jalapeño.

The leaning-tower of garnishes was so tough to assemble that Liedtke actually had to sketch out the design beforehand. He also had to eat the thing in a particular order to, starting from top to bottom. And he ate just about everything, save for the garlic bread (because of an allergy) and the lemon, lime, jalapeño and the onion (because he already had onion rings to boot!).

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O’Davey’s Pub in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin is offering this $5 behemoth which is piled high with cheese curds, popcorn, nachos, pickles, sausages, soft pretzels, bacon and burgers.

It was created in honor of Opening Day for the Milwaukee Brewers, and is available after 11:30 a.m. while supplies last.

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Apparently the new fad among drinkers is creating utterly batsh*t Bloody Marys such as this and this. However, the Anvil Pub of Dallas, TX has created a new contender which is rife with overkill and innuendo and likely to beat all challengers: behold the Monster BM.

It’s got an entire crawfish, a bacon cheeseburger, a shrimp, some cheese, beef jerky, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, green beans, okra, onions, tomatoes, olives, a pickle and a half pint of beer.

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Greatest Bloody Burger Mary

Greatest Bloody Mary Ever

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A tomato juice vodka cocktail loaded with tater tots, steak tips, bacon, eggs, blue-cheese-stuffed olives and a meat straw.

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