This handy tap is purpose built for turning a watermelon into a keg. Once you’ve taken out the tasty watermelon innards, just use the coring tool to make a hole and then slip the tap into place. It even has a locking unit to keep it secure.

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happy hour dress top

You’re gonna look fantastic when they find you passed out in the bathroom.

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cfU15Pl (1)

There are laws in each state that limit how late you can drink in a bar. Redditor manychairs created a gif based on info from that illustrates bar opening and closing times in every state. It doesn’t account for urban areas where bars might closer later, and bars in Texas actually close at 2 a.m. not 1 a.m., but it still gives you a pretty good idea about how you can stretch out last call—assuming you have a private jet or something. Then again, you could just spend all of your time in Nevada or Louisiana.

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chainmail can sleeve

Before you start a long and dangerous quest, you’re going to have to armor up. And nothing is more important than protecting your beer.

This Chainmail Can Sleeve can slide onto both a can or bottle of brew, and the armor will keep it safe from accidental falls, overly aggressive cheers and even arrows. Well, maybe not arrows, but you get my point.

Product Page: ($14.99)

chemist bartender

Even if you aren’t a real chemist, you can mix cocktails like one.

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drunkracoon copy

Oh, Rocket, what happened to you?

This poor little raccoon is out for trouble, as you’ll see in the video after the break. First, he broke into a liquor warehouse, then he knocked over a few bottles and started imbibing. Heavily. Let’s hope he was able to find a nice tree to curl up inside and sleep it off.

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Red Robin is rolling out a burger and drink combo to promote the upcoming Terminator Genisys movie that hits theaters on July 1st. The burger is a beef patty topped with roasted jalapeno, pepper-jack cheese, shredded romaine, bacon, tomatoes and jalapeno aioli on a jalapeno-cornmeal bun.

The Blue Haze cocktail is Captain Morgan spiced rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice, agave nectar, and sweet and sour with a lemon squeeze served in a special tiki glass with a strategically placed cherry to mimic the Terminator’s red eye. Both will be available June 15 through August 23rd.

You can also get a free ticket to see the movie with the purchase of a limited edition $25 gift card. You’ll be back indeed.

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Now this is how you do the whole badass rock star thing.

Singer David Achter de Molen of the band John Coffey did a little crowd-walking at Pinkpop Festival 2015 in Landgraaf, Netherlands. Someone in the crowd threw him a plastic cup full of beer, and he casually caught and chugged it like a boss.

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Looks like Heisenberg is expanding his empire into a line of vodka.

Heisenberg Blue Ice Vodka is a limited edition bottling of standard Blue Ice that features one of three quotes from the show (my favorite is the “one who knocks”). The bottles will hit the shelves this summer, and you can order them online as well.

Product Page: ($27.00)

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taco bell 2

As more and more companies look to go fresh and “artisanal”, Taco Bell is finding itself having to figure out ways to get people to keep making a run for the border. Recently, they announced that they’d be removing artificial colors and other chemical ingredients from their products (no more Day-Glo nacho cheese), but now their breaking out the big guns.


Taco Bell has confirmed that they’re planning to test “wine, beer and mixed alcohol freezes” at their new Wicker Park, Chicago location when it opens this summer. If this means an alcohol infused Baja Blast daiquiri, I’m in.

They’re also planning a new design and food presentation that shows more of what goes into their products.

So, looks like the plan is to go from Taco Hell to Millennial Bell. As long as I can still get two tacos at 3am, we’ll get along just fine.

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