Luke Wholey’s Wild Alaskan Grille in Pittsburgh, PA has raised the bar for ostentatious beverages by offering this happy hour Bloody Mary that’s garnished with shrimp cocktail and a fried soft-shell crab.

The drink also includes two olive eyeballs that will give you a bizarre and haunting blank stare prior to being consumed.

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harry shotters

Here’s a truth about Harry Potter fans: just like Harry, Hermoine, and Ron, we grow up. Once we hit drinking age, many of us might want a little something stronger than Butterbeer at our Hogwarts-themed events.

Thanks to Graphic Nerdity, we have a list of “Harry Shotters” recipes that put an alcoholic twist on characters and spells.

Be warned, just like Bertie Botts beans, not all of them are tasty. Apparently, a couple of them are downright “awful”.

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puking toilet

It even has handles for stability! However, I suppose the design could be improved by adding an actual urinal below to prevent an unsightly pants peeing. Plus, there’s always the fear of an uppper…upper decker.

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Designed to look like a cannon, this wooden rack can hold your favorite bottle of wine or whiskey at the ready. The “let’s get blasted” jokes will never, ever stop.

As you can see, the bottle slips right inside the gun. It also features a secondary rack to hold a collection of glasses (which are included).

Product Page: ($65.99)

lockhart copy

Adult Harry Potter fans can now get something a little stronger than butterbeer at a new Harry Potter-themed bar in wonderful Toronto, Canada!

Owned by Matt Rocks and Paris Xerx, The Lockhart (a nod to the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor) features a setting that’s reminiscent of an apothecary with plenty of small tributes to the Boy Who Lived scattered throughout the bar.

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What do you do when you’re drunk? Eat pizza rolls and send out embarrassing text messages? Prepare to feel bad about yourself because an engineering student at Michigan Tech got completely wasted this past weekend and designed an airplane.

After sketching some preliminary drawings, he grabbed his engineering textbooks and a whiteboard and proceeded to unleash drunken imagination in the form of an “ekranoplan” – a type of aircraft that travels at high speed over bodies of water. When the work was done, he shared his design (complete with complex mathematical equations) with his roommate and a buddy. The result was an incoherent, but apparently hilarious, presentation that saw him occasionally pass out on his whiteboard and speak in a language that was described as “slurred robot”.

After being confronted by his work and actions the following day, the student, who is going by the name “Mark” to avoid any future employment sabotage, remembered nothing about the experience. However, his roommate took the opportunity to post the tweet after the jump.

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This beverage is a gin liqueur, because the tears of a unicorn have to be sweet, right? It’s also sparkling because, well, do I have to explain? Sparkles. 100% silver edible sparkles, in fact.

The tasting notes are described thusly:

Nose: Fragrant juniper rises from the glass alongside Curaçao orange and crisp lemon. Bruised mint leaves and fresh lemongrass brings herby freshness to the nose.

Palate: Big bundles of candied orange peels, flying saucer sweeties and a hint of maple syrup. Touches of pine-y juniper berries and cardamom introduce elements of spices.

Finish: Sweet, juicy orange freshness goes on and on throughout the finish.

I’d like to believe that this is what Legend‘s Lord Of Darkness drank on a daily basis.

Product Page ($61.29)

booze science

Master mixologists can be pretty fanatical about their ice—and with good reason. In the following video, “Booze Science” host Adam Rogers investigates the importance of ice and temperature with Jennifer Colliau, an award-winning beverage director at San Francisco’s The Interval.

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If you’re planning on hosting a BBQ behind enemy lines, then you’re going to need the right gear.

We’re talking night-vision goggles, tactical vests and camo. And don’t forget to protect that beer. This Nite Ops Can Cooler is perfect for the mission. It has a tactical look and an LED light, so you can easily spot your beer in the dark (in case you get separated).

Product Page: ($9.99)


Are you a beer pong pro? Maybe it’s time to step up your game. Mountain Pong features three elevated levels, which makes the game a little more challenging. The set seems pretty durable, and it’s portable too–heck, you could even play Mountain Pong on a mountain if you’d like.

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