Have you ever wondered how about the ingredients and history of your favorite alcoholic beverage? This infographic breaks it down. Some require a minimal number of ingredients, but other like absinthe have surprisingly long lists.

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Now you can look like you’re being a responsible parent when, in reality, you’re a shady character that’s drinking in public. The Cool Baby is a flask that’s hidden inside a fake baby in a baby carrier so you can sip away without anyone being the wiser. According to the Kickstarter campaign,

The head, legs and arms are a lifelike PVC construction. For the drink-insulating torso, a simple Polyurethane foam. For the baby-body-shaped, 36oz. drink container and straw, BPA-free Polypropylene. The mouthpiece is silicone. The harness is a cotton blend. Materials we’re all familiar with, and we’ve all stuck in our mouths since we, ourselves, were babies.

Now it’ll look like you’re giving your precious baby a kiss when you’re really taking a sip of the good stuff.

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The brewing industry has really taken off in recent years, and it seems like every few weeks another craft beer company has some innovative take on growlers, bottles and beer vats.

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That having been said, the old-school (and rather flimsy) paper six-pack holder is still floating around. PuzzlePax is looking to change that. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this grass-roots company crafts reusable wooden six pack carriers that fit together like… well, like a puzzle. No glue or nails needed, and the company has a number of unique designs to choose from–my personal favorite is the “Beer Bear.” Ha. Bears and beer.

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One day, someone picked up a A2 Flash Hider and was struck with idea that the design could be modified from limiting the flash of a firearm to holding 10 oz of booze. That moment of inspiration led directly to the Middy Tactical Rocks Glass, a mil-spec hardcoat anodized, aluminum drinking vessel that is now available for pre-order with shipping expected to begin sometime this month.

The Rocks Glass will take its place alongside its smaller 1.5 oz shot glass counterpart, the Muzzleshot (pictured after the jump), which can be accessorized with t-shirts, an SKB four-shot carrying case or a variety of carrying pouches.

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TipsyBartender challenged himself to pour a rainbow shot across 31 glasses. Can he do it? Can He? CAN HE?!!

Well, yes. Otherwise we wouldn’t talk about it. Duh.

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arkham absinthe

The second I saw this t-shirt, I despaired that there’s no such thing as Arkham Red Velvet Absinthe. It sounds amazing and I love the idea of Harley Quinn replacing the green fairy to lead you through the madcap Arkham nights.

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Product Page: ($14)


Let’s face it, Titans are dangerous. I mean, with all the smashing stuff and eating people. So, if you’re looking to learn more about them, I definitely wouldn’t suggest going near one. Instead, pick up this Attack on Titan Colossus Titan at the Wall 24 oz. Molded Stein. It features some crazy 3D details and will be available this February, so feel free to preorder now.

Product Page: ($24.99)

baymax cookie shooters 1

Are you satisfied with your care? If not, add booze! Cassandra of When Geeks Wed came up with a tasty-sounding combo of a lemon drop shooter topped with lemon meringue cookies decorated to look like Baymax from Big Hero 6. The flavors compliment each other, but if you’re not into booze, just make a pile of Baymax cookies. You can’t lose!

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This past Saturday marked what would have been J.R.R. Tolkien’s 123rd birthday, and fans celebrated by raising a glass in his honor and sharing the photos on social media. The toast has become an annual tradition held at 9pm local time that has carried on even after his death on September 2, 1973. From dragon goblets to pint glasses to fireplace shrines, the pictures tell the story of fans who are grateful for his life’s work.

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This chart was created by engineer Shaan Hurley in AutoCad 360 and features 70 classic cocktails. He notes:

I first found this drawing years ago when it was a test DWG file for a plotter company. A couple years back Florian Römhild…re-drew the guide in DWG format and a few others have also modified the popular drawing like the Whisky Drinks version. I figured I would place the drawing for all to have fun viewing in AutoCAD 360.

This looks like it could really come in handy for newbie bartenders.

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