Meagan is a bartender at Restaurant R’evolution in New Orleans and she’s come up with a delicious looking recipe that involves a scratch-made Pop-Tart (filled with fig jam) that’s covered with a glaze infused with 1/2 cup of port wine.

You can get the full recipe on Meagan’s site, just be sure you don’t accidentally give these to the kids in the morning rush. That won’t end well.

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breakfast jenga

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unicorn bowl

If you’re looking to make your breakfast cereal a little more fabulous and magical, consider getting this Elwood The Unicorn Cereal Bowl. Good ol’ Elwood here was handmade in the mystical far-off land known as “Pennsylvania,” and the colorful details were actually painted by hand.

Note: Elwood’s diet consists entirely of Lucky Charms.

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crazy egg

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bfastkids copy

Every country has its own particular take on breakfast, and these American kids had the chance to try out a view different breakfast dishes from around the world. Their reactions, especially when they try some of the more unusual dishes (like preserved eggs!), are pretty entertaining.

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breakfast food heaven

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When it comes to sugary breakfast foods, Pop Tarts and Donuts reign supreme. However it looks like there’s a new sugary breakfast king in town, and it’s called the “Big Poppa Pop Tart Donut.”

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OC Donut Bar created this saccharine monstrosity, which is basically a donut that has a whole toaster pastry stuffed inside. Sounds intense, right? Yeah, I think I might have to pass on this one.

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While watching the 2002 Spider-Man film, Mark Lorch’s mind wandered from the plot and began focusing on what kind of breakfast Spidey would have to consume to spend the day shooting silk. Naturally.

The process began with determining the strength of his material and the force applied to it before moving on to the amount of protein that would have to be consumed to fuel the production process. As his benchmark, Lorch chose the European garden spider, whose silk is similar to piano wire, and calculated a force of 735 Newtons for a weight of 165lbs. In order to produce 100 yards of this silk, Peter Parker would have to down 15 eggs for breakfast. However, as Lorch then pointed out on The Conversation

“spider silk consists predominantly of a protein call fibroin. Proteins are made from different amino acids, and fibroin is about 42% glycine. While egg consists of just 10.7% glycine and serine (I’m counting serine because it can be easily converted to glycine). So really Spidey needs to consume four times more egg protein than the silk protein he plans to use. So actually he needs 60 eggs for his 100m of silk.”

This is further complicated if he wants to swing around with MJ, as that feat that would require about 900 eggs.

The moral of this story? Never follow Spider-Man into a bathroom.

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Remember when we talked about that Darth Vader toaster that toasts “Star Wars” on the side of the bread? Well, it’s finally available! Now when the Sith Lord stops by for breakfast you’ll know exactly what to serve him. Oh, by the way, you should probably skip serving him blue milk. Might remind him a bit too much of Tatooine, if you catch my drift.

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Anne Widya is a mom and photographer, and when she has to make breakfast for her four little ones, she does it with an impressive amount of artistic (and humorous) flair. She recently made a series of breakfast dioramas from hot dogs and other tasty nibbles and she posted it all to her Instagram page. Widya notes that each dish takes roughly 45 minutes to an hour to make, and that hot dogs work really well as little edible characters. Well, I think somebody is up for the mom of the year award!

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