It looks like a McDonald’s meal with a burger, fries and a delicious shake, but it’s actually made out of nothing but cookies by the sister of @987akka who clearly knows her way around a chocolate chip cookie.

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These incredible creations will make every burger you’ve ever had look like a wimpy, pale imitation of the real thing. They’re all found on Pornburger and feature everything from the Mac Daddy with lobster, mac and cheese, and bacon to The Bambi which is made with, you guessed it, venison. And if you’re particularly daring, there’s always My Blood Valentine with a lamb heart tartare, sardine aioli, beet chips, quail egg, trout roe, and herb salad.

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cat macaron pillow

Cats like to burrow and snuggle. It is known. Since felines also like food it’s a given that this comfy cat bed that looks just like a macaron is perfect. The bed isn’t only built for sleep, it’s clearly made for play. Though it does look just like the French cookie sandwich it was named after, this peach version also resembles a hamburger bun. Whatever you want to call it, it will make your cat happy. If Maru approves, I approve.

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Who knew that all this time we’ve been making a mess of our burgers because we’ve been eating them wrong? The Japanese, that’s who. The Japanese television show Honma Dekka!? hired experts in fluid mechanics, engineering, and dentistry to determine the best way to hold a burger so that you don’t end up wearing most of it after one bite.

According to science, the way we usually hold a burger with our fingers all on top and just our thumbs on the bottom is what makes it squish and fall apart. Instead, we should be putting only three fingers on top with our pinkies and thumbs on the bottom. Now you have something new to try next time you’re at a burger joint.

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Buns made of bread are popular for a reason; the chewy texture and the carbs are a wonderful balance to meaty burgers or sausage. It’s not the only option though, and Dude Foods has been experimenting with bread replacements. He recently used edible adhesive – the kind that bakers use to make decoarting easier – to patch together some french fries to make a french fry bun. I’m sold.

You start with straight-cut frozen fries, bake them, and glue some patties together. It’s clever, and I bet that you could cover up the slight lemon taste of the adhesive with some seasoning.

Get all the details at Dude Foods.

burger tube

You know how you can go to the drive through at the bank and send your deposits through a fast-moving pneumatic tube system? At Christchurch’s C1 Cafe, you’ll be able to use that procedure to receive burgers and fries. They have at least one working tube, but they’re planning to install additional tubes to serve additional tables.

The burgers go through the system at approximately 87 miles per hour, but don’t worry – they’ve built in air brakes and air pressure pockets to make sure the canister slows as it approaches your table. The craziest part is that they’ve been testing the system and the contents remain intact and upright. Science is neat.

See the system in action on The Press.

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If you’re a ninja in search of a snack that will go perfectly with your super sneaky outfit, then you’ll love Burger King’s new burger: The Black Ninja.

Japanese Burger King chains will be offering these burgers starting on October 25 for 680 yen ($6.75). The burger features a Whopper patty, hashed browns, and a hefty slab of bacon. The buns appear to be the same style that were used on last year’s Darth Vader burgers sold by French food chain Quick in Europe.

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Untitled 2 copy

The internet discovered Ramen burgers recently and nobody can stop talking about it. I’d imagine it’s not the easiest thing in the world to eat, but it does look extremely delicious. Pop Sugar has a cool, step-by-step video that will walk you through the entire cooking process so you can make these at home.

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The folks at Slater’s 50/50 are working hard to raise the collective cholesterol levels of the entire population of California with their new–wait for it–Supreme Nacho Burger.

Check out the official description:

“Inspired by Make-A-Wish kid Justyn and his love for nachos, this beef patty is topped with melted cheeses, lettuce, onion, tomato, black beans, bacon, tortilla strips, fresh salsa, and guacamole. Wrapped in a flour tortilla and deep fried, we smother it in nacho cheese sauce, sour cream, and sliced jalapeños.”

Twenty percent of the proceeds from the Nacho Burger’s sales will go to the Make-A-Wish foundation (with total proceeds going up to $4000).

(via Foodbeast / Image via Slater 50/50)

ron swanson turkey burger

To celebrate National Hamburger Day, Nick Offerman created the video after the break, which teaches us how to make a massive Ron Swanson Turkey Burger that is sliced with a saw.

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