It took eight long centuries for the raw meat that Mongolian soldiers stashed under their saddles to evolve into the modern hamburger we know and love today. But the burger’s journey is an interesting one, and if you’d like to learn more, you can watch this clip from Nat Geo’s EAT: The Story of Food: The History of the Hamburger. Wow, I’m kind of craving a burger now.

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Want to learn how to make the perfect cheeseburger? Sean Brock–one of the hosts of PBS’s The Mind of a Chef cooking show and the executive chef at Husk, in Charleston, South Carolina–is here to show you the ropes. In the following video Sean uses some tasty ground meat, bacon and American cheese to make a truly mouthwatering cheeseburger.

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nerd lunch burger

I’ve seen my share of extreme burgers, but this ginormous stack from Nick of Dude Foods takes the cake. He was inspired by the Nerd Lunch Podcast. The show hosts were discussing what five toppings they would choose on a bacon cheeseburger if they could only replicate those five toppings for the rest of their lives. They debated, but Nick decided to just make a bacon cheeseburger with every topping they listed. It includes:

Cream cheese
A burger patty topped with Cheddar cheese and bacon
French fries
Hatch green chillies
Goat cheese
Blue cheese
A middle bun with peanut butter on it
A second burger patty topped with American cheese
Onion rings (battered, not breaded per CT’s specifications)
Mushrooms (sauteed in bacon fat because according to Jess regular mushrooms are “too vegetarian”)
Swiss cheese
Beetroot (this is apparently a legit burger topping in Australia, which is where Jess is from)
A fried egg
A couple more onion rings (because you can never have too many onion rings)

I can’t wrap my head or stomach around this concoction.

Read more about the giant burger at Dude Foods.


The fifth season of The Walking Dead is about to begin, and Fox teamed up with two London cooks to make burgers that taste like humans. Seriously.

Miss Cakehead and Chef James Tomlinson from Mess London made the burgers from a combination of pork, chicken livers, veal, and bone marrow.

No, they didn’t eat humans to see if they had just the right flavor.

Instead, they looked at interviews with actual cannibals like Issei Sagawa and William Seabrook to get the right taste and texture. The burgers will be available for free on September 30th at a pop-up London restaurant called the Terminus Tavern. It’s location is a secret so you’ll have to watch the #TerminusTavern hashtag on twitter if you want to find out where it is.

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Everyone is excited because Fall is here so it’s time to pumpkin all the things. Usually it’s lattes, muffins, and donuts, but this time, it’s your burger. You start with a coffee-rubbed grass-fed beef patty, then add caramelized onion, pumpkin spiced duck bacon, pumpkin aioli, lettuce and tomato all sandwiched on a brioche bun. Pumpkin spiced duck bacon? Who knew that was even a thing?

(Pornburger via Sploid)


We’ve already seen a burger with black buns, and that was weird enough. But this time Burger King went even further with black cheese.

According to NariNari, the Kuro (Black) burgers will be available in two varieties they’re calling Kuro Pearl and Kuro Diamond. They have buns and cheese made with bamboo charcoal, an onion and garlic sauce made with squid ink and beef patties made with black pepper.

You can get these limited edition burgers beginning later this month. Black cheese though? Yuck.

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There are all kinds of burgers and just as many buns to hold them, but this blue burger bun designed to look like Earth has got to be the weirdest of the lot. It’s even got green accents to look like the continents. You can find this very weird chicken burger at Japanese science museum Orbi Yokama. Try it if you dare.

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The Lone Star tick is an annoying little bloodsucker that’s indigenous to the Midwest and the Eastern U.S. Its bite, believe it or not, has the unique side effect of turning its human victims into vegetarians.


Apparently this little guy contains a certain kind of sugar called Galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose, or alpha-gal, that’s also found in red meat and some dairy products. When a person is bitten, that person’s immune system creates antibodies to that particular sugar, thus resulting in a mild or downright severe allergic reaction to meaty dishes. A doctor in Virginia noted that he sees “two to three new cases every week.” He also notes that some patients recover over time.

Now, I know this sounds crazy, but I’m thinking this might be a conspiracy between cows and ticks. I mean, it’s the only thing that makes sense, right? It has to be the work of the Illu-Moo-nati!

(NBC New York via FoodBeast)


These incredible burger creations were dreamed up by French graphic designers Quentin and Thomas as part of an ongoing project called Fat & Furious Burger. Burgers range from this crab-legged monstrosity to a much less frightening Halloween pumpkin to an homage to the famous sword in the stone.

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Redditor MarkHayes and a buddy recently set up a little friendly culinary competition: they wanted to see who could make the fanciest meal using a Big Mac, French fries and a Coke. The results are pretty fantastic, and I’m kind of convinced that MarkHayes’ friend won. What do you think?

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