Of course, after eating it Redditor HeyShutUpMom‘s head was turned into a giant donut by devil Ned Flanders. As you’ll see in the image below, it was probably worth it. [click to continue…]


Not much is known about this cat. All we have are these pictures of it really, really enjoying a cake in a little birthday hat. That’s all the Internet needed.

The entire series of photos can be seen below. Let’s assume that the cake is made from some with cat-safe ingredients. With that in mind, you can commence cuteness overload.

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raindrop cake

Darren Wong has brought the Raindrop Cake (which we’ve seen before in Japan) to Brooklyn, where it is getting a lot of attention.

The unique creation is made from “a precise mixture of agar (algae gelatin) and spring water”, resulting in a product that has the texture, look and taste of a giant raindrop. Although the texture is its main draw, a “very sweet nutty flavor” is achieved by serving it with koromitsu syrup (a black sugar cane) and a roasted soy flour.

The cake, which is described as not quite liquid and not quite Jell-O, debuted at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg, although it will also be available at various additional locations:

Saturdays in Williamsburg’s Kent State Park, and starting May 1, Sundays in Prospect Park’s Breeze Hill. Hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. or until the vendors sell out. The Raindrop Cake is also available at Magick City, 37 Box Street in Greenpoint.

Check out a video on the creative process below, where you’ll likely find that it initially looks like a breast implant.

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In between breaks from playing Neko Atsume, cat lovers in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro neighborhoood have created yet another adorable way to celebrate kitties in food form.

Tokyu Hands, a store that sells fashionable home goods, holds an annual event called Neko Roji at its Ikebukuro store where everything is cat-themed — from household appliances to yummy foods.

In collaboration with Patisserie Swallowtail, a local confectionery that’s made headlines in the past thanks to their animal and anime-themed sweets, Tokyu Hands is releasing cakes based on six cats—each with different ingredients.

Check out the cakes in detail below.

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Look at this fruit.

Only it isn’t fruit. No, what you are looking at is actually an assortment of cakes, pies and tarts.

This delicious, wonderful trickery would make for one heck of a gift basket on April Fools’ Day. Christine McConnell, author of the Deceptive Desserts cookbook, crafted it—but she didn’t just stop there. Check out more of her work below.

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Cake wizard and DIY fan Kelly Mindell whipped up this clever and probably incredibly delicious dessert ruse. At first glance, it looks like a bowl of Froot Loops, but it’s actually a tasty cake WITH Froot Loops! Breakfast has never been better.

Check out more pics below.

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Geeks! We’re everywhere, even in the places you wouldn’t expect to find us. We’re not just providing you with tech support and critiquing your choice of reality TV shows anymore. Oh, no. We’re scoring your touchdowns, too.

Take, for example, Bucs player Mike Evans, who last week married Ashli Evans and rocked the event with this deliciously detailed Hogwarts-themed wedding cake.

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portal vs half life

In the following fan video, Gordon and Chell fight over cake. Is there a better reason for these two to battle? I mean, anything can spark a fight when you can’t talk things out.

Check out the video below.

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These lovely mini-cakes have been dubbed the “Petit Gateau Princess Collection” and include:

Top row, left to right: Pocahontas (chocolate and banana cream profiterole); Belle (Mont Blanc tart); Aurora (strawberry cake)

Middle row, left to right: Mulan (white peach and cream cheese roll); Snow White (apple and cream cheese); Jasmine (mint-flavoured white chocolate roll)

Bottom row, left to right: Rapunzel (blueberry and lemon tart); Cinderella (white peach and lychee mousse); Ariel (green apple and fresh cream tart)

Made by Japanese confectionery Ginza Cozy Corner, this nine-piece set will be available starting February 15th for a limited time. Also, the first 50 customers at each Cozy Corner shop will get a limited edition memo book featuring the artwork on the box.

If anyone wants to bring me some back from Japan, that’s totally okay with me. Yum!

Check out more pics below.

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And now for a Valentine’s Day dessert option that looks good enough to… well, not eat.

Canadian bakesmith Yolanda Gampp has made this stunningly realistic cake that looks quite a lot like a proper human heart.

The cake is assembled from two Deep Red Velvet Cakes, and is filled with burgundy chocolate ganache. Veins of red and blue fondant lie beneath a layer of pink fondant to give it that veiny look, and then the whole thing is doused in blood. Sorry, not blood. Red food coloring mixed with raspberry jam.

At least, that’s what Gampp says. I’m not convinced it isn’t actually blood. Delicious, sugary blood.

A more detailed look at the cake is available in the image below, along with Gampp’s video showing how it was made. Y’know, if you feel like it. Personally, I’m going to go wash my hands for seven hours.

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