This wampa cake is the work of Yummy Crumble (where you can find the complete recipe) and it’s more than a little terrifying.

Trying to eat it might be risky. Maaaaybe I’ll just put it in the freezer with a Luke figure to keep it happy. Giving his arm back might be a good idea as well.


This snake cake was made by redditor Dookalighnmike‘s uncle for his cousin’s birthday. It took him six hours to make the masterpiece which looks just like a coral snake. Coral snake venom is poisonous, and if you have a peanut allergy the same is true for this cake.

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Instructables member Vanweb was feeling a bit bored on New Years day, so the baking connoisseur/Guardians fan decided to mix things up by making a Groot Yule Log using some boxed cake mix and plenty of chocolate. The end result came out great, and I think using pistachios for the “moss” was a nice touch. What do you think? Honestly, Groot has never looked so tasty.

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batcave cake 1

I’ve seen several cakes featuring Batman or the Bat symbol but never a cake that looks just like the retro Batcave. I can cross that off my list though thanks to Mike’s Amazing Cakes. The talented baker designed the edible Batcave around the client’s diecast Batmobile. Mike doesn’t state which parts are fake and which are edible, so I’m going to pretend/hope everything except the Batmobile is sugar-based. Yum.

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This Dancing Baby Groot cake is the work of Cinnamon Square and it’s the best baby Groot cake we’ve seen thus far. He was hand-sculpted from chocolate and then painted to match Groot perfectly. The base is a cake flower pot and it all looks adorable and delicious.

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gollum cake 1

Sometimes I forget that Gollum can be a scary creature, but this realistic cake by Sweet Little Treat has refreshed my memory. Baker Karin spent about 30 hours working on the confection and did a top notch job capturing every detail in Gollum’s sneer. I’m particularly impressed by his teeth. It’s uncanny!

Karen made Gollum’s head for the Cakes from Middle-earth collaboration and used modeling chocolate, fondant, and edible paints to craft the cake. Those single strands of wispy hair? They’re made from sugar.

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I never thought I’d actually say something like this, but that Nazgul looks delicious. I mean, honestly, I’d totally give up the One Ring for a slice of that Ringwraith.

This stunningly detailed cake was made for Cakes From Middle Earth, a “Sugar Art Collaboration” that’s made up of thirty cake decorators and sugar artist from New Zealand who are working tirelessly to create edible homages to Peter Jackson and his incredible films. The collaboration features tons of tasty treats ranging from King Kong to The Hobbit, and the group is helmed by Mel Todd of Take the Cake. Mel created the Ringwraith cake, and he noted that building the structure to help support the rearing horse was a bit challenging, but the end result looks totally… (sigh) sweet.

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downton abbey cake header

Downton Abbey’s Dowager Countess is a regal sort of lady. Played by Maggie Smith, Violet Crawley is sharp-tongued and delightful. Cake artist Karen Portaleo created an amazingly lifelike cake based on the character for Georgia Public Broadcasting’s launch party at the Fox Theater on December 4th. I can’t believe all the details and the texture and color of the skin – she looks so real!

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(Reddit via FoodBeast)

cake in a can chocolate header

Making a cake from a box isn’t that difficult, but if you don’t have the time or necessary ingredients on hand, there are other options. Cake batter in an aerosol can could be coming to shelves, but Cake in a Can is here now.

All you have to do to make The Food Ministry’s Cake in a Can is add water. The dessert bakes right in the can. You can choose between chocolate, Christmas, coffee, birthday, and wedding cake flavors. These would be great to keep on hand for special occasions and also for sugar emergencies and late night snacks.

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