This unbelievable cake features Toothless and Hiccup from the animated movie How To Train Your Dragon. It was made by Elisabete Caseiro of BetySugarLand Cake Design and is almost entirely edible. It measures approximately 31 inches by 28 inches by 20 inches and if you look closely, you can see that Toothless is only touching the board where he’s standing on one front leg!

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boxtrolls cake header

The Boxtrolls movie was just released in theaters last week, but it inspired Mike’s Amazing Cakes back in May. He’d only seen a trailer for the film back then, but he and his daughter fell in love with the concept – so much so that he made a wonderful Boxtrolls-themed cake for his daughter’s birthday. It’s so detailed and well sculpted that it looks like a vinyl toy.

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pizza cake

The only thing that’s better than pizza or cake is a cake made of pizza.

This version is a pepperoni cake by Pillsbury, but it just occurred to me that you could make your own with a different topping per layer and go all sorts of crazy at home making yourself pizza cake.

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DIY Poké Ball Cake [Video]

poke ball cake

Are you ready to catch all of the desserts ever? Then you’ll need a Poké Ball cake. Fortunately, Cakes By ChoppA has shared a video tutorial on making one from vanilla cake. Even though I’m a novice when it comes to forming cakes into shapes, I have to say this looks like a pretty basic project that simply requires patience. If anything, the trickiest part looks like covering the Poké Ball in fondant.

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This billboard made by Michelle Wibowo looks beautiful, but it tastes even better because it’s entirely edible. It advertises the UK’s largest cake manufacturer, Mr. Kipling, so naturally it’s made of cakes.

The whole thing measures 20 feet by 10 feet and is constructed of 13,360 Mr. Kipling cakes. It took Wibowo 6 hours to construct, and yes, once it was unveiled, they let everyone dig in.

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bag end cake 1

Bilbo and Frodo Baggins live in the coziest and tastiest hobbit hole in all of the Shire. Julia Hardy Cakes made this detailed cake for a man who is a huge Lord of the Rings fan. It nearly fills a 14-inch board and features a sculpted stone path, lots of flowers, and Frodo and Gandalf.

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peanut butter pretzel ice cream cake

If you could capture the idea of heaven in food, I’m pretty sure it would look like this peanut butter and pretzel ice cream cake. Instructables user thekites posted this gorgeous dessert, and it’s made with two boxes of brownie mix, cream cheese, Reese’s Cup minis, and several more sugary ingredients. The ice cream portion isn’t technically ice cream from the carton, but it’s close enough to count. The recipe looks easy enough, and it’s definitely the kind of dessert that deserves to be shown off at a cookout or family gathering.

Get the full recipe at Instructables.


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Here are the perfect treats for you next Harry Potter themed party. JustJenn has created three different kinds of cupcakes, including a golden snitch that will have you longing to watch a game of quidditch. They’re made by covering a malt ball in yellow chocolate and then piping out little wings in the same chocolate. She’s also made one with a chocolate frog topper and another with a Harry Potter logo cookie.

See the rest of the cookies and get the full recipes at JustJenn.

Library Cake

I never imagined I would want to live in a cake, but this library design by Kathy Knaus has changed my mind. There are a mind-blowing number of details on this cake. The front features the entrance to the library, complete with potted plants. The inside of the library is on the other side, and there are dozens of books on the shelves, a little globe, and a desk with gumdrop lamps covered in papers. I believe the entire thing is edible. If I can’t move in, maybe I could just curl up next to it with my book and eat it.

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