Supernatural 200th party cake

Supernatural is crossing the 200 episode milestone this season. The show’s been on for ten years, and the Winchester brothers have survived death, countless monsters and each other. Things always change, but the trusty Impala, a.k.a. Dean’s baby, is still with them and gets them from town to town. It’s only appropriate that a party celebrating the 200th episode featured a big ‘ol Impala cake.

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Check out the recipe at Glazed and Confused.

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It looks like a cake with a lot of chocolate pieces added all over the place, but there’s more to this cake than what you see at first glance. It’s actually an old-fashioned zoetrope that uses the positioning of all the pieces of chocolate combined with flickering lights to make it look like the chocolate is animated when the cake spins.

This particular zoetrope can be found at Phillip Island Chocolate Factory near Melboure, Australia. It’s absolutely mesmerizing to watch.

See it in action after the break…

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doctor who cake

I swore I wasn’t going to go “Awwww” about my posts today, but this one got me right in the feels.

U.S. Army member and Redditor diablo8683 just returned from a deployment to find this utterly adorably Doctor Who cake that his kids made for him.

The chubby little fondant Weeping Angel, the marshmallow Adipose, Lady Cassandra, and that squat little TARDIS. I just…yeah, I had an ovary ‘splosion.

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elements cake

When a kid loves chemistry, there’s only one type of cake to make him for his birthday: one that features the Periodic Table of Elements. Redditor YesImatWork assembled this impressive sequence of cake cubes and decorated them perfectly for his nephew. Just how much does his nephew love chemistry? He already has a series of YouTube videos where he discusses his hobby.

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Cereal Cake

The current trend in food seems to be all about making things the biggest, or craziest. Charles Phoenix pushes boundaries on both of those fronts, and he’s outdone himself with a six-layer milk soaked cereal cake covered in Frosted Flake frosting. The idea is fun, but it doesn’t sound appealing to me. Mostly, the idea of that much sugar makes my teeth hurt. I think that means I’m getting old.

Phoenix used the following cereal/cake combos for each layer:

Apple Jacks with Spice Cake
Trix with Blue Velvet Cake
Cinnamon Toast Crunch with Yellow Cake
Peanut Butter Crunch with Chocolate Cake
Froot Loops with Red Food Colored White Cake (Red Velvet Cake was not BRIGHT enough!)
Cocoa Puffs with White Cake

It’s certainly colorful!

Get a closer look at the insane cake in the video after the break.

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This unbelievable cake features Toothless and Hiccup from the animated movie How To Train Your Dragon. It was made by Elisabete Caseiro of BetySugarLand Cake Design and is almost entirely edible. It measures approximately 31 inches by 28 inches by 20 inches and if you look closely, you can see that Toothless is only touching the board where he’s standing on one front leg!

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boxtrolls cake header

The Boxtrolls movie was just released in theaters last week, but it inspired Mike’s Amazing Cakes back in May. He’d only seen a trailer for the film back then, but he and his daughter fell in love with the concept – so much so that he made a wonderful Boxtrolls-themed cake for his daughter’s birthday. It’s so detailed and well sculpted that it looks like a vinyl toy.

Check out a close-up after the break.

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pizza cake

The only thing that’s better than pizza or cake is a cake made of pizza.

This version is a pepperoni cake by Pillsbury, but it just occurred to me that you could make your own with a different topping per layer and go all sorts of crazy at home making yourself pizza cake.

Check out more pictures of the pizza cake in progress after the break.

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DIY Poké Ball Cake [Video]

poke ball cake

Are you ready to catch all of the desserts ever? Then you’ll need a Poké Ball cake. Fortunately, Cakes By ChoppA has shared a video tutorial on making one from vanilla cake. Even though I’m a novice when it comes to forming cakes into shapes, I have to say this looks like a pretty basic project that simply requires patience. If anything, the trickiest part looks like covering the Poké Ball in fondant.

Watch the instructional video after the break.

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