earth cake

Yesterday was Earth Day, and though there are many wonderful ways to commemorate the holiday, baking an Earth shaped cake stuffed with chocolate rock candy is a fine option. Hungry Happenings over at Tablespoon used a basketball pan to bake the cake and after it was chilled, she cut it into circles, stuffed it with chocolate rocks, assembled, and frosted it. She used a globe for reference as she decorated it. It looks too fancy to devour!

Get the recipe and complete instructions at Tablespoon.

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alien facehugger egg cake

When you sit down to enjoy dessert, the last thing you want to consider is whether a Facehugger will suddenly explode from the center of the cake you’re about to eat. However, if you were feasting on this Alien egg cake by Choccywoccydoodah, that concern is all you would focus on. The chocolate treat was made for the Alien: Isolation video game team, and as far as we know, no one has been consumed by a fully grown Xenomorph. Yet.

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tardis cake 1

The best cakes are all about the details, and this Doctor Who cake wins in that category. The dessert by Devilish & Divine features the familiar blue box that is the TARDIS, and a handful of other nods to Matt Smith’s time as the 11th Doctor. There’s a fez, a Dalek, an arm covered in hash marks because of the Silence, Vincent van Gogh paintings, a bow tie, and small banners featuring quotes from the series. The cake even sits on a background that looks like space. I love all the little touches.

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cap and yoda cake 1

What to do when you can’t decide between characters to feature on a birthday cake? Easy! Make a double-sided cake. Baker Augustus Gloop Chocolate Fountains & Cakes combined Captain America and Yoda in an unlikely but rather awesome combination. Cap and stars and stripes decorate one side of the cake, and Yoda and the galaxy appears on the other. Since both franchises are owned by Disney, they make a perfect pair.

This is not only a good dessert solution for the indecisive – it works well for joint birthdays.

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pizza cake

Mmm, doesn’t this pizza look delicious? Well, joke’s on you because it’s actually not a pizza, it’s cake. As far as pranks go, it’s probably one of the best ones to be on the receiving end of.

YouTuber kawaiisweetworld created a video showing you how to re-create this dessert with red buttercream, shredded coconut, berry fruit roll-ups, and a few other ingredients. Just make the cake and then carefully decorate it to make the top look like pizza. It’s crafty, and it looks really tasty.

Learn how to replicate this tricksy dessert in the video after the break.

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This beautiful Snow White cake was created by Dalia Portas of La Fata delle Torte who has done some incredible work on the characters. The castle is beautiful, but it’s the Wicked Queen and Snow White who steal the show with faces so perfectly painted they look like they’ve come right out of the movie.

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Sprinkles was one of the first cupcake shops in the nation and the chain is finally expanding into the Northeast with the opening of their 780 Lexington Avenue location in New York City. Unlike other cupcake shops, this one never really closes thanks to its 24-Hour cupcake ATM. The first Sprinkles cupcake ATM opened in Beverly Hills and it went over well enough to expand it to new locations.

The cupcake ATM will deliver a selection of cupcakes all day, every day, even when the store is open. The cupcakes will never be more than a few hours old so it’s pretty much exactly what you’ll get inside the shop, except delivered by a little pink ATM machine which makes them, technically, much tastier.

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This incredible cake was made by redditor bacongrease00′s wife and it will make you fall in love with Skyrim all over again. It’s made to look like The Book of the Dragonborn, but instead of paper pages you’ll find vanilla cake and cannoli cream filling.

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hp cake 1

You don’t need magic to bake beautiful cakes, but I’m convinced a tiny bit of sorcery is involved. Royal Bakery crafted this Harry Potter themed cake from a quarter sheet cake. It was cut in half and stacked up to form the book, and it serves 27 people. The realistic leather texture of the book was attained by rolling scrunched up foil on top of the fondant, and the Hogwarts crest is made from modeling chocolate squished into a mold from a fridge magnet. The baker should teach a decorating class at Hogwarts!

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