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Enjoying canned beer (and other beverages) is about to get easier thanks to Draft Top. This clever little tool can safely remove the top off a aluminum soda or beer can so you can enjoy the full aroma of the beverage without slicing your lips all to hell.

Plus, think about how easy it would be to turn a can of V8 into a Bloody Mary.

Check out the Draft Top in action after the break…

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Aisle seven. It was actually really easy. Took forever to stack them though.

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mini drum set in beer can

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hand can opener

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to open a can without a can opener (or anything else for that matter) by You Tube life hacker CrazyRussianHacker.

My personal favorite line has to be “Boom! And guess what? Cat gonna survive, too.”

Check it out after the break, and if you try this at home, let us know if you got it to work.

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You may remember this sculpture from the photo and wordplay we published back in November. Thankfully some new information, videos, and even more wordplay has surfaced to satisfy your curiosity about tuna and corn R2-D2.

The official name is “Candroid”, and it recently served as a nerd magnet at the annual San Francisco Canstruction competition before being dismantled can by can and donated to local food banks. Hit the jump to watch a time lapse of its construction, as well as a video of the completed sculpture in all of its moving, beeping glory.

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With talent and copious amounts of patience, Makaon has transformed the humble can into a variety of mind boggling nerd sculptures including Mario, Darth Vader and Batman. Hit the jump to check out additional examples.

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In Jamaica, homemade sound systems are fairly common – however, one that has been created from 5,000 Jamaican beer cans is truly something to behold. The unique device was created for Red Stripe Beer’s “Make Something Out of Nothing” campaign by Japanese designers Yuri Suzuki and Mathew Kneebone, who gathered, cleaned, cut and assembled 5,000 cans of Red Stripe that were collected at the Notting Hill Carnival.

The resulting device measures 2.5 meters in height and 2.5 meters across, and although a speaker is installed in the unit, the cans serve to amplify the sound. Hit the jump to watch in in action.

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Canned Angry Bird Is Hungry

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