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princess chewbacca cake edit

When Sophie asked her mom Jamie for a Star Wars-themed birthday party, Jamie decided to take the cake to the next level. It’s what great geeky parents do. She notes:

My daughter wanted a Star Wars party, so I bought this Chewbacca doll hoping that I could find a bakery that would turn him into a barbie cake. Because he was a full size doll and not a kit, I was turned down several times.

That’s when Jamie’s friend Megan swooped in to save the day:

My amazing friend, Megan, came to the rescue and offered to make Chewy a beautiful cake dress. She nailed it!

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You’d think all that fur would be better for keeping things hot, but this Chewbacca fur can hugger is perfect for keeping your drinks cold. It even has a bandolier for your beer!

Product Page ($7.99 via Geek Alerts)


Chewbacca isn’t what you would call “cute”, but Mew-bacca is just adorable. This little cat version of the wookiee even has a bandoleer. He probably has a bowcaster hidden in his fur and should someone try and steal you coffee, he’ll be right there to defend you and claw their arms out of their sockets.

Product Page ($11.99 via GeekAlerts)

chewie bottle opener 1

Hallmark wants you to use the Force and/or Wookiee strength to open your bottles. They’ve got two new Star Wars-themed bottle openers that feature Chewbacca and Yoda. While I’m not sure about the designs – the mouths are the openers – I do like that they play music when you use them. Both styles broadcast the Star Wars theme song, and Chewbacca also releases one of his trademark growls.

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Yes, this squee-inducing Star Wars cake is just about the cutest darn thing I’ve seen since Muppet Babies was on TV (I think I’m dating myself with that reference). The You’ve Been Cupcaked Bakery crafted this fine cake, and it’s just too fracking adorable: I especially love that Yoda is Chewie’s little doll, and that Han’s blaster shoots bubbles.

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The first Friday of June is upon us, and that can only mean one thing: It’s National Donut Day!

It’s that one day of the year when we can eat all the donuts we want and not feel guilty about it. Bring on the inevitable sugar coma! Yay! Ok, on a serious note, if you happen to be a Star Wars fan, we came across a fun recipe for a Chewbacca-themed donut by justJENN. Sure, it doesn’t shoot a laser crossbow or co-pilot a YT-1300 light freighter, but it sure does look like a wookiee… a tasty wookiee too. So that’s good enough for me.

Jenn highlights all of the ingredients and instructions on her site, justJenn Recipes.

Happy National Donut Day, and make sure to check your local shops for deals!

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chewbacca with chewbacca cake

Peter Mayhew, a.k.a. Chewbacca, celebrated his birthday this week. Happy birthday, Peter! He got a special treat from Disney while he was at Star Wars Weekends just a few days ago: a Chewbacca cake. It has a bandolier, and I love that the icing looks like fur. I hope it was delivered with a wookiee growl.

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You can be sure no one will mess with you when you’ve got your lunch protected by this Chewbacca lunchbag. It measures 10″ x 7″ with a top carrying handle and an insulated interior. The outside looks just like your favorite furry Wookiee complete with bandolier.

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Chewbacca lunch via Lunchbox Dad.

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chewie nut

This walnut, found as is by Ripplin under the black walnut tree in his backyard, bears a striking resemblance to a certain wookiee we all know and love.

I’m kind of hoping he’ll find the rest of the crew on his next foraging run.

Now if I can just get out of here without the requisite nuts and chews joke… yeah, I knew I wasn’t gonna make it.

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