KFC may have gone a step too far with its latest creation. The Double Down Dog features a hot dog drizzled with cheese that is then sandwiched in a fried chicken bun. This follow-up to the Double Down Sandwich is being sold in super limited quantities. Participating stores appear to be limited to the Philippines at the moment, and each restaurant will be allowed to sell only 50 each day through January 27th.

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At this point, KFC has no plans to bring the hot dog to the U.S.

See a picture of the real deal after the break along with a list of participating locations.

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Check out the recipe at Glazed and Confused.

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Chicken pot pie is a wonderful comfort food, but put it in a cone and it becomes adorable. It’s actually fairly easy to make, requiring just store bought pie crust and a cone mold. You just wrap the crust around the mold and bake it at 400 degrees for ten minutes. Next you take it out, add the filling, and cook it another ten minutes right side up and you’re ready to eat.

Head on over to Dude Foods for more.


We thought the last Bloody Mary we posted was the pinnacle of drink engineering, but Vancouver bar Score on Davie decided to toss their hat in the ring with the insane version pictured here.

This Bloody Mary is topped with: a pulled pork mac and cheese hot dog, chicken wings, a slider, a full sized burger, a whole roasted chicken, veggies and even a brownie for dessert complete with whipped cream!

Oh, and a pickle. Can’t forget the pickle.

I think they need to put some Rolaids in there somewhere.

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3d printed kfc drummette

Say you want to show Lifehacker just how cool and realistic looking your new 3D printer’s color layering process looks…What would you scan and print?

Well, if your a designer at iJet in Yokohama, Japan, you pick up a nearby KFC drumstick. Techs scanned the poultry using a high-resolution laser scanner and then printed out a 3D version of the chicken leg using iJets color-printing technology, which prints color layer by layer in an effort to enhance realism and accuracy.

While this version may look a little deformed shape and color-wise, keep in mind, they were working with KFC.

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It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday and that means parties with the tastiest, most delicious, incredibly bad for you treats. A perfect example is Doritostix which consist of homemade cheese sticks filled with pepper jack cheese and coated in Doritos. Instructables user Pat Sheldon explains her creation:

When combined together in your mouth, you basically get the sensation of crispy Doritos and creamy cheese with a kick. I guarantee it will be the first item grabbed at your Superbowl party, and will be gone in 10 min or less depending on how many hungry fans are there.

You can read the detailed instructions here and then whip up a batch for your friends. Just be sure to make enough for everyone.

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If you like a little wine with your chicken, or a little chicken with your wine, this handy wine stopper lets you kill two birds with one stone and show your friends you’re a gourmet with the poulet.

I can’t even believe I wrote the above sentence.

Bottom line, it’s funny, it’s functional and it’s less than ten bucks. ;-)

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chicken and waffle sliders

Buttermilk chicken nuggets baked to perfection and topped with bacon, Swiss cheese, and ranch and served between two mini waffles. Check out the recipe at Mom On Timeout.

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Chocolate Popcorn Chicken

The Chocolate Popcorn Chicken is a life-sized chunk of caramel chocolate that has been molded into a chicken. Don’t expect to find any golden eggs inside it though, because you’ll find that it’s stuffed with loads and loads of popcorn instead.

What better way to celebrate Easter than with this sweet, corny, and cocky-in-more-ways-than-one treat?

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