Tell her you’ll give her the moon this Valentine’s Day. Then give her this box of chocolates. Close enough.

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It’s got the entire solar system in one box. Each chocolate looks like a different planet so although we can’t travel to them yet, we can at least devour them as sweet chocolates.

Product Page (3,240 yen or $27 via RocketNews24)


These striking chocolates were designed by Oki Sato of Nendo. He was named Designer of the Year by Maison et Objet and made this very special set of 9 chocolates for the occasion.

Each represents a Japanese onomatopoeic word that describes texture. There will only be 400 sets of Chocolatexture made and they’ll be sold during a special event held today in Paris.

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chocoprint copy

So, we’ve talked about all kinds of 3D printers that deal with food, but this particular version is definitely among the most marketable.

3D Systems, in conjunction with The Hershey Company, unveiled a 3D chocolate printer at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas on Tuesday. The CocoJet can create unique geometric chocolate designs through pre-programmed synchronized printing methods. At this moment, there isn’t any word on when the CocoJet will be available commercially, though 3D Systems does plan on making it available to the public.

But just as a heads up, 3D Systems also has a number of other candy printers (like the ChefJet, which retails at around $5,000, or the ChefJet Pro which comes in at $10,000), so the price tag will undoubtedly scare off most ordinary buyers.

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These Chocolution Exploration Kits allow you to experiment and learn how different spices and chocolates change the taste of everyone’s favorite sweet treat. You can choose the Chocolate Drink Time Traveller Kit, Cacao Bean Botanist Kit, or Raw Chocolate Explorer Kit.

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amazing dessert

I don’t know what this dessert is, who makes it, where I can get it, or how it’s actually created. I only know one thing. I want it in my face.

I’m not even going describe what is about to happen here. I’m just going to tell you to watch the video after the break…and prepare yourself for something amazing.

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Hot Chocolate Overload

Imagine an establishment that only sold hot chocolate. You could walk in and choose from a variety of flavors, maybe some of them would be spiked. Until such a place opens up in your town, you can do what How Sweet It Is did and create a Lindt chocolate-inspired hot chocolate bar.

The sugar-packed beverage bar was stocked with chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate bases, and add-ins like peanut butter, marshmallow, mint leaves, and chocolate chip cookies. I’m not the biggest fan of hot chocolate, but this hot chocolate bar idea sounds appealing.

Read all about the hot chocolate bar and get recipes at How Sweet It Is.


Don’t throw away that orange rind! YouTube user NorthSurvival has revealed that you can use it as a cupcake tin. He mixed up a batch of chocolate cake then used the rind to hold it and cook the cake in the coals of a campfire. This is a great idea for your next campfire cookout but you could try it in a conventional oven as well. Good luck trying to peel it in a perfect cup though.

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We’ve seen many versions of an edible Han Solo in carbonite, but now other characters are getting the treatment. Food photographer Henry Hargeaves has created a series called Jabba’s Bounty which imagines what would happen if Jabba could get his slimy hands on heroes from other worlds.

Hargeaves picked characters who were his childhood favorites, used their action figures to create molds, and then turned them into chocolate. Looks like Jabba’s going to be adding a few more pieces to his collection.

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Wow, I’m thinking I need to meet Jessie Oleson Moore and shake her hand. She made pretzels that were filled with chocolate and peanut butter for a baking contest. She used a recipe by Elizabeth Bennet, and she made the pretzels using canned breadstick dough. The filling was made using a combination of peanut butter, cocoa, egg yolk and whipping cream. Magnificent.

(via Neatorama)


This dress was made for Chocolate Week UK and, as you might have guessed, it’s made entirely of chocolate. Caroline McCall, wardrobe designer for Downton Abbey, created this tasty wonder in an Art Deco style over the course of three months using 132 pounds of chocolate. It looks incredible, but I’d imagine you’d have to avoid the sun like a vampire or risk it all melting into a pile of goo.

(Buzzfeed via Foodiggity / Image: Splash News /Landov)