Hot Chocolate Overload

Imagine an establishment that only sold hot chocolate. You could walk in and choose from a variety of flavors, maybe some of them would be spiked. Until such a place opens up in your town, you can do what How Sweet It Is did and create a Lindt chocolate-inspired hot chocolate bar.

The sugar-packed beverage bar was stocked with chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate bases, and add-ins like peanut butter, marshmallow, mint leaves, and chocolate chip cookies. I’m not the biggest fan of hot chocolate, but this hot chocolate bar idea sounds appealing.

Read all about the hot chocolate bar and get recipes at How Sweet It Is.


Don’t throw away that orange rind! YouTube user NorthSurvival has revealed that you can use it as a cupcake tin. He mixed up a batch of chocolate cake then used the rind to hold it and cook the cake in the coals of a campfire. This is a great idea for your next campfire cookout but you could try it in a conventional oven as well. Good luck trying to peel it in a perfect cup though.

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We’ve seen many versions of an edible Han Solo in carbonite, but now other characters are getting the treatment. Food photographer Henry Hargeaves has created a series called Jabba’s Bounty which imagines what would happen if Jabba could get his slimy hands on heroes from other worlds.

Hargeaves picked characters who were his childhood favorites, used their action figures to create molds, and then turned them into chocolate. Looks like Jabba’s going to be adding a few more pieces to his collection.

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Wow, I’m thinking I need to meet Jessie Oleson Moore and shake her hand. She made pretzels that were filled with chocolate and peanut butter for a baking contest. She used a recipe by Elizabeth Bennet, and she made the pretzels using canned breadstick dough. The filling was made using a combination of peanut butter, cocoa, egg yolk and whipping cream. Magnificent.

(via Neatorama)


This dress was made for Chocolate Week UK and, as you might have guessed, it’s made entirely of chocolate. Caroline McCall, wardrobe designer for Downton Abbey, created this tasty wonder in an Art Deco style over the course of three months using 132 pounds of chocolate. It looks incredible, but I’d imagine you’d have to avoid the sun like a vampire or risk it all melting into a pile of goo.

(Buzzfeed via Foodiggity / Image: Splash News /Landov)


Halloween is just over two weeks away, and if you’re having a party you should start thinking about snacks. This new chocolate mold from ThinkGeek would make a great addition because it has everything you need to make a graveyard scene – even zombies! You can use it for chocolate and also for ice and Jell-O. Anything you can squish into a mold is fair game.

Use the finished zombie and tombstone pieces as cake or cupcake toppers or simply arrange them on top of chocolate cake crumbs in a bowl.

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Here’s a new twist on chocolate walnut skull candies that’s sure to put happy grimaces on your guest’s faces this Halloween. It’s the work of illustrators and graphic designers Ruth & Sira who hail from Spain. They’ve used chocolate molds and then added in candy bits and even walnuts to make it look like brains in their Chocolate Skulls Gone Nuts series.

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Keigo Atobe is a character from The Prince of Tennis, which is a very popular manga and anime that’s all-about one thing: soccer. Yeah, joking, sorry: it’s all about tennis, of course.

October 4 was Keigo’s “birthday,” and the Japanese snack company Morinaga hosted a super special birthday celebration in honor of the character in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro. The company made an image of Keigo’s face out of Dars chocolate squares, and, according to Twitter user Misz, over 8,600 Dars chocolate squares were used to make the image. Also, tons (and I mean tons) of fans showed up to how their love for the anime character.

Actually, it looks more like a funeral than a birthday party. See more pics after the break…

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It looks like a cake with a lot of chocolate pieces added all over the place, but there’s more to this cake than what you see at first glance. It’s actually an old-fashioned zoetrope that uses the positioning of all the pieces of chocolate combined with flickering lights to make it look like the chocolate is animated when the cake spins.

This particular zoetrope can be found at Phillip Island Chocolate Factory near Melboure, Australia. It’s absolutely mesmerizing to watch.

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There are moments, days, and even weeks when you just need chocolate. Candy can turn things around and make life better. It’s true. Carolina knows this, and she came up with a genius emergency chocolate craft. Basically, you get a shadow box frame, etch “in case of emergency break glass” on the front, and fill it with candy or chocolate. Keep a hammer close by (or better yet, just open it up. M&Ms taste better without the glass).

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