chopping board

Really? Is this Groot’s fate—to be the surface upon which you slice and dice your dinner? To make things worse, this chopping board is called “I Was Groot”.

Guardians of the Galaxy: ‘I WAS GROOT’ Chopping Board ($29.99)


The folks over at Mustard made this very cool (but ultimately kind of twisted) Splash Red Chopping Board which is available for pre-order at mzube. Just be careful when you start chopping away, OK?

Product Page (£16.99 or $26.13 via Laughing Squid)

If your kitchen adventures have been a little dull lately, you can spice things up with a cutting board that looks rather like a classic Nintendo controller. The joypad layout has all the buttons you need to dice, mince, and defeat all foodstuffs that fall under your knife. It’s not just made for looks either—it’s toughened glass and hygienic, so you can actually use this cutting board for meal prep. Let us know if you figure out any cheat codes to make chopping faster.

Product Page ($24 via L.A. Weekly)

Well, this is kind of unsettling. What’s worse is that this cutting board is called “The Husband”.

So if you are a married man and this winds up in your kitchen, I would be a little concerned. If your wife keeps going on and on about trying more “exotic” recipes, I would get out while you can.

Product Page ($19)