Who says horror fans have to ditch their dark ways come the jolly holiday season?

Apparently it’s actually is possible to celebrate Christmas and your dark side at the same time. At least that’s what Johnny Larocque and Nicole Cooper did when they decided to make a creepy and awesomely twisted gingerbread house inspired by Ash vs Evil Dead and the Evil Dead movies.

What a scene! Fun for the whole family…if you’re the Sawyer family that is.

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santa sushi

Looking for something unique to serve at the Christmas party this year? Santa sushi rolls will definitely fit the bill.

Check out the video below to see how it’s done.

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Carrie Dennis of Thrillist decided to break away from Christmas tradition this year by fashioning her gingerbread house from the world’s favorite food: pizza.

Since pizza alone wouldn’t provide the support needed for the greasy abode, she erected an internal structure from cardboard, toothpicks and empty beer cans.

Hmmm. Using empty cans seems like an oversight to me. Quenching your thirst with the beery occupants of the pizza house you just consumed seems fun in a twisted “Three Little Pigs” kind of way.

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After transforming her parents’ house into a scare factory for Halloween, Los Angeles-based artist and baker Christine McConnell proceeded to give the dwelling a Christmas makeover to make it look like a full-scale gingerbread cottage.

The methods were similiar to those used for the Halloween decorations, utilizing hand-painted foamcore boards for all of the gingerbread cookie and candy cane decorations while nylon rope stood in for icing. To top it all off, McConnell staged a fairy tale photo with herself playing a hungry witch trying to lure Hansel and Gretel, played by her nieces Chloe and Keira.

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great hall

Warner Bros. London announced their first “Dinner in the Great Hall” where Harry Potter fans could pony up to have Christmas dinner at Hogwarts.

Not surprisingly, it sold out in the blink of an eye. But keep the following in mind for next year:

Dinner will take place on the iconic Great Hall set in the Hogwarts dining room. The Hall will be decorated with original Harry Potter props as guests enjoy a two-course meal that promises to include flaming puddings. The place settings even come complete with a wand.

After dinner, guests will take the Studio Tour, eat dessert on Platform 9 3/4, enjoy a mug of Butterbeer in the backlot café, shop in Diagon Alley, and more.

It’s not an inexpensive evening priced at £230 (approx. $349 USD), but a night like this sounds pretty magical to me.

You can visit the Warner Bros. Studio Tour website for more details.

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older brother

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C Is For Christmas Tree


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cthulhu cookies header

Give Santa Claus a fright this year and leave him Cthulhu cookies instead of chocolate chip ones! Made by Maika for her Cthulhumas celebrations (look at her Cthulhu wreath!), these brownie roll-out cookies from the deep look like Cthulhu. She has an octopus cookie cutter – of course – and decorated the cookies with two different blends of icing and candy eyes.

See more of the process of making the Cthulhumas cookies after the break.

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nerdy foodies gifts

If you know a nerd that loves to cook, we’ve got a whole mess of good gift ideas for you. Head after the break to see them all.

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