coffee cozy

I’m not sure I’d drink this coffee out of fear that grumpy octopus would strangle me the second I took a sip. He was crocheted for a White Elephant gift exchange and he even came with a warning about hot coffee and grumpiness.

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Forget about using a disposable sleeve from your favorite coffee shop every day. Why not get something reusable like this freaking adorable, handmade Yoda coffee cozy? The Jedi Master does more than train Padawans in the temple; he’s also capable of keeping your beverage hot and protecting your hands.

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There’s nothing worse than burning the daylights out of your fingers when you grab a hot cup of coffee. It’ll never happen again thanks to this TARDIS coffee cozy. It’s handmade with thermal interfacing so your fingers will be safe. Wonder if this makes your cup bigger on the inside?

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Jake the dog has shrunk and stretched himself out to help protect your delicate fingers from a hot cup of coffee. He would morph into a bulletproof vest for you—because that’s what best friends with super powers are for.

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Boba Fett enjoys a cup of strong coffee in the morning. It’s no good to him decaf.

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Sure, the idea of a reusable coffee cozy that doubles as a wallet is eco-friendly, but it also vastly increases the odds that your wallet will end up in the garbage, left on a table at Starbucks, left in a cupholder, or left lying in the middle of the street after you drove off before retrieving your cup from the hood of your car.

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