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coffee mugs

The original Harry Potter cauldron mug has been upgraded for a more realistic look. It even comes with a spoon so that you can properly mix your Folgerserum Eye Opener potion.

Harry Potter: Toil and Trouble Cauldron Mug ($19.99 shipped)

A cup of coffee and some inspirational words from Bob Ross are all you need to get motivated for the day ahead. Though, the quote on this heat-changing mug makes it seems as though Bob is convinced that you’re going to screw something up today. I would have preferred “let’s get crazy”. Then I would have been all like “Okay, Bob. I will have that second cup of coffee”. [click to continue…]

Only someone that is properly hammered will be able to wield this Thor Mjolnir Ceramic Sculpted Mug. With it you will be able to summon a powerful jolt of caffeine that will sober you up in an instant, making it safe to fill the mug with beer once more. Or so the legend says.

Thor Mjolnir Ceramic Sculpted Mug ($19.99 via Geekalerts)

The Dark Side may be evil, but they make some pretty latte mugs. Now Darth Vader has his own version with his helmet rendered in gold under falling Imperial logos and hearts. Aww.

Star Wars Darth Vader Pinache Ceramic Mug ($12.99)

Look at how pretty/adorable this ‘Star Wars’ AT-AT mug is! If there ever was a mug worthy of some spectacular Star Wars latte art, it’s this one.

Star Wars AT-AT Pinache Ceramic Mug ($12.99)

I can picture some executive pitching the idea of a Playstation console mug, and a designer responding with something like “but it’s a rectangle. That worked with the messenger bag but, honestly, this feels a little forc…”

“We’re making a Playstation console mug dammit!

Playstation: Console 3D Mug ($18.99)

These Sailor Moon Luna and Artemis mugs are great—but, if you really need some advice, I would start with sipping between the ears so you don’t stab your eyes out. Check out the Artemis version below. [click to continue…]

That is how badly you needed coffee. Took that Terminator’s hand right off. Turns out the mug was filled with this, which explains a lot.

The Terminator: Hand-a La Vista Mug ($22.99)

Hot coffee can do a lot of things besides perk you up. For example, it can make Dragon Ball characters go Super Saiyan and it can determine whether or not you’re crazy. Apparently, it is also capable of powering a teleportation machine: [click to continue…]

Is your cat alive or dead? You won’t know until you add a hot liquid.

The two mugs in this set look identical, but when you add hot liquids, one of the mugs slowly reveals a live cat, and the other, dead. But until you add the hot liquid, you don’t know which mug you have, and the cats can be simultaneously alive and dead, just like in Schrodinger’s thought experiment. No radioactive source or poison necessary.

I imagine that getting the dead cat mug wouldn’t be the best way to start your day.

Schrodinger’s Cat 10oz Mug Set of 2 ($19.99)