A guy named Peter Bamforth, who admittedly has way too much time on his hands, decided to fill a void in the world of trick shots by demonstrating various impressive ways to sink an Oreo in a glass of milk. However, as you’ll see after the jump, an aversion to crying over spilled milk is a necessity to pull these off.

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You’ve probably seen unicorn poop cookies before, but these cookies take the concept to the next level. Rainbow unicorns that poop rainbow stars!

There is so much rainbow awesome in this video that your head may well explode. It all comes courtesy of My Cupcake Addiction who’s made a great video tutorial so you can make these cookies, too.

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Clever Pac-Man Cookies


(via Reddit)

cotton candy oreo

The Instagram user that recently leaked photos of Red Velvet Oreo cookies and S’mores Oreo cookies is back to unveil pics of a cotton candy version. since “cookie0man” has been correct before, it’s fairly safe to say that you’ll see these limited edition cookies on your store shelves very soon.

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rainbow heart cookies

After watching the video on the making of these Rainbow Heart Cookies by Eugenie Kitchen, I’m both mesmerized and convinced that I’ll never have the patience to cook them. That said, I love that people put this kind of time and dedication into cooking something whimsical.

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People collect all sorts of things, and when you’re talking Star Wars, the list is very long. It may even include a box of Pepperidge Farm Star Wars cookies from 1983. They came as Rebel Allliance I (vanilla), Rebel Alliance II (peanut butter), and Imperial Forces (chocolate). I can personally vouch for the fact that they were delicious as a snack in your lunchbox.

Matt Dracula of came upon a box that had a sealed package of the chocolate cookies still inside and he was daring enough to open them up. Turns out, he did not release a virulent plaque on mankind and that the cookies held up pretty well for their age.

And no, he didn’t eat them because, you know, virulent plague.

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The Red Velvet Oreos just started hitting the shelves for Valentine’s Day and already there’s news of yet another new flavor. The cookie looks to be graham-flavored with a chocolate and marshmallow layer squished in between.

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Rumors have S’mores Oreos arriving sometime in April or May—right about when everyone starts thinking of summertime campfires.

(The Impulsive Buy via Consumerist)


Tusken Raiders might be fierce creatures, but these cookie versions are nothing to fear unless you’re on a diet. They were made by Kathleen of Yummy Crumble and are vanilla Madeleine cookies with a peanut butter frosting.

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doctor who rolling pin

It’s no secret that we think embossing rolling pins are pretty cool—but they’re even better when they’re geeky.

Now you can emboss your dough with Doctor Who, Adventure Time, Green Lantern, or Harry Potter designs. Cute and easy. I love it.

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It’s official. Red Velvet Oreos are real.

Oreo has discovered that all they need to do to increase sales is come up with new and increasingly funky flavors of their famous sandwich cookies. They’ve done Gingerbread and Watermelon, and now the latest flavor is Red Velvet. It will appear in stores beginning on February 2nd.

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However, this limited edition release is extra special since it’s the first time since the golden Oreo in 2009 that they’ve launched a new color and flavor. You’ll have 6 to 8 weeks to try them before they disappear.

(via Mashable)