mason jar cookies

SweetAmbsCookies isn’t making a nerdy cookie here. The title of the video is “Mason Jar Cookies With Burlap and Lace!” for chrissake.

The whole thing is very civilized. It features classical music and instructions like:

Pipe leaves with green stiff consistency icing and a tip 3.

It’s hypnotic and inexplicably relaxing. Check it out after the break…

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batman cookie cutter

Uh…some assembly is required. Fortunately, you can get cutters in sizes as big as 6.5-inches so you don’t have to make a whole bunch of them.

Plus, the Batman symbol on the version pictured above is upside down! That makes it a collector’s item. Better not eat it.

Product Page ($7.90 to $19)

(TIWIB via Technabob)


Designed by Paolo Ulian, these concept “finger cookies” might have an odd appearance, but their design does seem pretty practical. Because of their shape, you can easily dip the cookies into a wide range of sweet stuff (Nutella being the obvious choice).

It’s kinda like Bugles chips – only better.

(Toxel via Neatorama)


There’s only one path to peace… and it involves an ample amount of cookies for every man, woman and child on Earth.

Well, Ultron didn’t exactly say that in the Avengers: Age of Ultron. But if Ultron had gone the cookie route, things would’ve turned out much better for him I think.

If you’re keen on the idea of Ultron passing out cookies, then you’ll love this Ultron Cookie Jar. It looks like Ultron’s head, and it holds a whole mess of cookies. What more could you want?

Product Page: ($29.99)


It’s survival 101: if you’re stuck on Hoth, and you’re freezing to death, your tauntaun can be a lifesaver. But, let’s face it, cutting open an actual tauntaun isn’t for the squeamish.

Not so with these tauntaun cookies. They’re packed with delicious gummy worm innards!

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If you are an aspiring young stylist with a sweet tooth, then the Hairdo cookie cutter is for you. It churns out people cookies with big square hair.

All you need to do is nibble your way to a fabulous new cookie hairdo. Mohawk every time.

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Parker’s Crazy Cookies can make a cookie that looks just like you (for a sizable fee of course). They take a photograph and turn it into a cookie that you can use as a party favor or serve at home to impress all of your friends. You know they’re going to start by biting your head clean off.

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If you’ve been looking for a way to keep people out of the cookie jar, this Aliens Warrior Cookie Jar may just do the trick. Hell, it might keep them out of the kitchen entirely.

Product Page ($39.99)


Ayaka Matsuno recently whipped up a batch of retro nerdy cookies that are pretty flippin’ stellar. She made cookie versions of Game Boy cartridges, cassette tapes and even a little Super Famicom game console that’s hooked up to a TV-shaped cookie.

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Oreo fans will be happy (or maybe a little sad) to hear that Nabisco has unleashed another new-ish Oreo flavor onto the world. These Key Lime Pie Oreos were spotted by Consumerist at a New York-based Price Chopper, and the Impulsive Buy reported spotting the new Oreos at a Texas H-E-B.

Basically, they’re a combination of Oreo s’mores graham cookie with last summer’s limeade creme.

There hasn’t been any official word on these Oreos, so there’s no telling what availability will be like in stores. However, you can buy them for ridiculous prices on Amazon.

(The Impulsive Buy and The Consumerist)