doctor who rolling pin

It’s no secret that we think embossing rolling pins are pretty cool—but they’re even better when they’re geeky.

Now you can emboss your dough with Doctor Who, Adventure Time, Green Lantern, or Harry Potter designs. Cute and easy. I love it.

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It’s official. Red Velvet Oreos are real.

Oreo has discovered that all they need to do to increase sales is come up with new and increasingly funky flavors of their famous sandwich cookies. They’ve done Gingerbread and Watermelon, and now the latest flavor is Red Velvet. It will appear in stores beginning on February 2nd.

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However, this limited edition release is extra special since it’s the first time since the golden Oreo in 2009 that they’ve launched a new color and flavor. You’ll have 6 to 8 weeks to try them before they disappear.

(via Mashable)

baymax cookies

A touch of Baymax improves any dessert. The white squishy robot from Big Hero 6 is impossibly endearing, and his blob-like shape and round face makes it easy to incorporate him into baked goods. YouTuber Mosogourmet made chocolate cookies and used pre-made marshmallows to create fantastic Baymax marshmallow cookies. I’ll take a dozen, please!

Watch the cookies come together in the video after the break.

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Sure, you can freeze them and have them all year long, but who really manages to ration them out? No one. We all eat one and then devour the box before we’ve even poured a glass of milk. This year, there are three new flavors for stuffing your face—two of which are gluten free.

You can pick from Toffee-tastic butter cookies with toffee bits or Trios peanut butter oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips. The third flavor is Rah-Rah-Raisins oatmeal cookies with raisins and Greek-yogurt flavored chunks. Prepare to loosen your belts because it’s cookie time!

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Remember our previous post that highlighted how you can make a gingerbread version of the Millennium Falcon? While a gingerbread Falcon might work for all you rebels and nerf herders out there, I know there are plenty of pro-Empire folk who would love to snack on a holiday treat that packs an Imperial punch. Enter the gingerbread Star Destroyer. There’s no way your tastebuds can repel deliciousness of this magnitude!

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ginger beards 1

Gingerbread is everywhere you turn this time of year, but what about ginger beards? Jennifer Imhoff-Dousharm has shared her clever idea about making cookies that look like beards over at Kitchen Overlords. The recipe is a straightforward ginger cookie recipe that you then cut into shape using your favorite beard template (you could draw your own pretty easily). You can make Santa beards, Riker beards, or Dumbledore beards. If you don’t cut the ginger cookies out just right, don’t worry, you’ll still have delicious treats to eat.

Check out a couple more pictures of the ginger beards after the break.

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cthulhu cookies header

Give Santa Claus a fright this year and leave him Cthulhu cookies instead of chocolate chip ones! Made by Maika for her Cthulhumas celebrations (look at her Cthulhu wreath!), these brownie roll-out cookies from the deep look like Cthulhu. She has an octopus cookie cutter – of course – and decorated the cookies with two different blends of icing and candy eyes.

See more of the process of making the Cthulhumas cookies after the break.

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You’ll be happy to be assimilated by the Borg when they arrive in this gingerbread cube. It’s made by using a Borg cube cookie cutter to create all six sides and then gluing them with icing. It makes for a cute ornament or you can use it as a little container to hold more holiday treats.

Check out the full recipe on Nerdist.


Holy colossal cookie container, Batman!

When Batman wants a cookie, he asks Alfred to get him one.  However, most of us can’t afford a live-in butler. So if you’re a Batman fan with a need to keep your cookies close at hand, then you might be interested in this Batman Logo Cookie Jar. It’s based on the original 1966 Batman television series, and it features the classic series logo on the front. It won’t be available until June 2015, but it is available for pre-order now.

Product Page: ($39.99)


If you’re like me, and you’ve got cookies on the brain 24/7, then you might like these custom, 3D printed cookie cutters by Boetech. The Etsy seller makes anatomically correct cookie cutters of brains, hearts and skulls.  He also has plenty of other non-organ-related designs to peruse too, like his periodic table of elements cookie cutters (which you can check out after the break). Gosh, I’m really hurting for a cookie now.

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