If you are an aspiring young stylist with a sweet tooth, then the Hairdo cookie cutter is for you. It churns out people cookies with big square hair.

All you need to do is nibble your way to a fabulous new cookie hairdo. Mohawk every time.

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Parker’s Crazy Cookies can make a cookie that looks just like you (for a sizable fee of course). They take a photograph and turn it into a cookie that you can use as a party favor or serve at home to impress all of your friends. You know they’re going to start by biting your head clean off.

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If you’ve been looking for a way to keep people out of the cookie jar, this Aliens Warrior Cookie Jar may just do the trick. Hell, it might keep them out of the kitchen entirely.

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Ayaka Matsuno recently whipped up a batch of retro nerdy cookies that are pretty flippin’ stellar. She made cookie versions of Game Boy cartridges, cassette tapes and even a little Super Famicom game console that’s hooked up to a TV-shaped cookie.

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Oreo fans will be happy (or maybe a little sad) to hear that Nabisco has unleashed another new-ish Oreo flavor onto the world. These Key Lime Pie Oreos were spotted by Consumerist at a New York-based Price Chopper, and the Impulsive Buy reported spotting the new Oreos at a Texas H-E-B.

Basically, they’re a combination of Oreo s’mores graham cookie with last summer’s limeade creme.

There hasn’t been any official word on these Oreos, so there’s no telling what availability will be like in stores. However, you can buy them for ridiculous prices on Amazon.

(The Impulsive Buy and The Consumerist)


A new, thinner version of the classic Oreo cookie will be hitting supermarket shelves throughout the nation on July 13. Oreo Thins are described as a “light, crisp, and delicate” spin on the old-school Oreo–in fact, the new Oreo is about 7.5mm in thickness, while the classic Oreo is about 12.5 mm in thickness.

An Oreo spokesperson noted that while Oreo Thins will be a bit slimmer, they have a comparable “creme to cookie ratio” to the classic cookies. Also, while Oreo Thins boast fewer calories than your old-school Oreo, the spokesperson noted that new cookie shouldn’t be viewed as a “diet” treat. Interestingly, Oreo Thins are being marketed as a more sophisticated snack–something you could pair with coffee or tea. They aren’t meant to be twisted or dunked—because those barbaric activities are for commoners.

The new cookies will come in original, mint and “golden” flavors.

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Double Stuf not enough stuf for you? Well, there is a solution. You’ll need these baking pans and the tutorial video after the break.

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This Walking Dead cookie jar is based on the RV walker from season 2 and it has a whole reverse zombie thing going on. This time, you can snack on zombie brains (that just happen to taste like cookies).

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Hot on the heels of Cotton Candy Oreos, there’s a new limited edition flavor to get excited about—Brownie Batter. They were first spotted at a trade show in Chicago so they aren’t out just yet. Expect them to join the ranks of the other Oreos on store shelves any day now.

(The Impulsive Buy via Consumerist)

Exploding TARDIS Stonehenge Square

These TARDIS cookies hold a fun surprise inside. The Kitchen Overlord used two cookies sandwiched together with icing to create a little pocket. Inside that pocket are appropriately nerdy sprinkles from Geeky Hostess. She used lightning bolts, steampunk gears, and some blue and yellow sugar sprinkles that spill out when the TARDIS is deliciously damaged.

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