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Nine-year-old Cory Nieves is the CEO of his own cookie company, Mr. Cory’s Cookies. Cory, who dresses impeccably, started his shop in 2009. He originally sold hot chocolate outside his home in New Jersey but eventually expanded into the cookie business. He now sells sugar-free oatmeal raisin cookies, and a recipe for what he refers to as the “perfect” chocolate chip cookie.

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Eevee Pixel Cookies

eeve cookies

Get the recipe at Instructables.

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Check out the recipe at Just Jenn Recipes.


There have been a lot of limited edition Oreo flavors this year. They’ve come in varieties that range from fruit punch Oreos to Limeade Oreos and now it appears that root beer float Oreos are a thing.

This one actually sounds like a really good idea. Unfortunately, the news hasn’t been confirmed yet, despite the above pic that’s been floating around on Instagram (the person who snapped the photo claimed they saw the cookies at Publix). There’s been some talk of the cookie being a hoax after so many were fooled by the fake fried chicken flavor that made the rounds on the Internet in recent weeks. However, it would have to be an elaborate one, since Got The Munchies reviewed the cookie.

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These gorgeous cookies are the work of Butterwinks, a baker based out of Spring Hill, Florida. Each of these works of art is created by hand so they’re a time-consuming effort. There are wonderfully nerdy cookies themed for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, and even Nintendo. If ever there were cookies too pretty to eat, these would be the ones.

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adventure time cookies

You’re probably familiar with the Adventure Time cartoon, but did you also know there’s a whole bunch of comics from BOOM! Studios? The recent Adventure Time: Candy Capers series features none other than Peppermint Butler and Cinnamon Bun. When baker justJENN realized one of her kids was enjoying the comic, she decided to make cookies based on the characters from the cover. Yum! You only need circle shaped cookie cutters, a handful of decorating supplies, and patience to recreate these treats from the Land of Ooo.

Get full instructions and recipes for the cookies at justJENN recipes.


Oreo is rolling out another limited edition flavor that could make it a great summer snack. Limeade Oreos are now a real thing, and you might be able to find some at your local Walmart. As for the taste, well, your guess is as good as mine. Consumerist thinks that the cookie should taste somewhat like the Lemon Oreo (i.e. a blend of buttery cookie and citrus filling). Sounds good to me!

(The Impulsive Buy via The Consumerist)

classic batman cookies 1

Holy desserts, everyone! Nerdache Cakes has come up with some ultra cool classic Batman and Robin cookies. She tried a new technique on the cookies that resulted in the nice, sharp lines and says she’ll explain how it was done on her YouTube channel soon.

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Ok, let me break this down for you. Pictured above is a chocolate chip cookie bowl that’s made from one giant cookie and it’s filled with chocolate chip cookies.

Mind blown yet? Yeah, me too.

Foodie and blogger Beth Klosterboer made the chocolate chip cookie bowl by covering a bowl in cookie dough and then baking the whole thing. Then she filled said cookie bowl with more cookies. Genius.

If you’d like to learn more about this delicious bowl, head on over to Beth’s blog, Hungry Happenings.

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Breaking cookie news, everybody! Limited-edition Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Oreo Cookies are now available at Walmart. Unfortunately, while they are officially listed on, it looks like you have to go into the store to pick them up. Bummer—but even if you hate going into Walmart, these will probably be worth the trip.

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