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Disney movies feature some pretty fantastic and memorable female villains. Mother Gothel, Ursula, the Evil Queen – the list goes on and on. The talented of Ant of Nerdache Cakes recently made a whole set of cookies based on the villains, and she used a cool papercraft technique with fondant. She built them layer by layer and airbrushed the finished products. They look incredible.

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These adorable Harley Quinn cookie pops are the work of Etsy seller Maria Baeza. They’re handmade cookies that measure about 3.5″ and are each individually wrapped to keep them fresh. She sells them in dozens which will take about three weeks to arrive at your door from the time you order.

Product Page ($39 via Between the Pages)


I’ve got some breaking cookie-related news for ya, folks. Apparently, fruit punch Oreos are a real thing now, and you can buy them at Walmart. According to Junk Food Guy, the cookies are hearty (70 calories per cookie), and the flavor really packs a “punch” (sorry). He was able to taste some of the cookies, and he described the creme as tasting vaguely like a cherry Starburst, and the actual cookie as tasting somewhat like cherry pie–although he warned that the flavor veered dangerously close to “cherry cough syrup territory.”

Eh, I don’t know about you guys, but I think I’m going to steer clear of this one. Cough syrup and cookies don’t mix in my book.

(Junk Food Guy via The Consumerist)


Girl Scout Katie Francis, a sixth grader from Oklahoma City, has set a new record by selling a mind-boggling 18,107 boxes of Girl Scout cookies this year. That breaks the old record of roughly 18,000 which was set by Elizabeth Brinton way back in the ’80s. How’d she do it? Katie says she asked every person she met if they wanted to buy some cookies. The troop gets a portion of the proceeds from every box sold and Katie’s troop plans to donate some of those funds to breast cancer research.

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Leave to Nick from Dude Foods to splice together a chocolate chip cookie with a cinnamon roll. The culinary mad scientist recently discovered that other foodies had created various takes on a chocolate chip cookie cinnamon roll hybrid, and he thought he’d make his own version, which he’s calling the Chocolate Chip Cookie Stuffed Cinnamon Roll.

They’re apparently pretty simple to make: he just used store-bought cinnamon roll mix and cookie mix and placed the cookie dough inside the rolls. He then baked the rolls at 350° for 12 minutes. Man do those things look tasty!

See more at Dude Foods.


Summer isn’t too far off, and if you’re planning on some beach time, we’ve got a nifty nerdy baking product that definitely won’t make you nervous about getting in the water: Snack (Shark) Attack Cookie Cutters. The set comes with a bitten surfboard, a hungry-looking shark and a… uh, unfortunately wounded surfer. The cutters are roughly 4-5 inches long too. So, what are you waiting for? Tempt fate. We dare ya. We triple dog dare ya!

Product Page: ($11.99)


It looks like a McDonald’s meal with a burger, fries and a delicious shake, but it’s actually made out of nothing but cookies by the sister of @987akka who clearly knows her way around a chocolate chip cookie.

(Rocket News 24 via Gizmodo)

green cookies

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I’ve often contemplated whether or not you could make cookies with cookie dough ice cream, and now I know that it’s possible. Joe Satran of HuffPo Taste took a couple of different ice cream brands–including Edy’s, Turkey Hill and Ben & Jerry’s (yes!)–and removed the cookie dough chunks from the various ice creams using a fine-mesh strainer. He then molded the pieces into pseudo-cookie shapes and popped them into an oven for 15 minutes. The picture above shows the cookie dough bits before they went into the oven.

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3d printed oreos

If you weren’t already jealous of attendees of South by Southwest (SXSW), this might push you over the edge: they’ll be able to get freshly assembled 3D-printed Oreos. The flavor of the edible printed cookies is determined by what’s trending on Twitter. What?

There’s a display on the vending machine that shows users what flavors are hot based on Twitter conversations. They can then choose from 12 creme flavors and colors for their Oreos. The delicious cookies are then assembled in front of their eyes. Yum. From what I can see it doesn’t exactly look like 3D printing, but it’s neat nonetheless.

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