TMNT Coffee Cup Cozy

tmnt coffee cozy

Once again, you probably thought that slapping down a few bucks would earn you a unique handmade accessory – in this case a TMNT coffee cup cozy. The good news is that you’re right, as long as you take Etsy out of the equation and send those bucks into the cash registers of craft shops, where you’ll be buying tools to knit, knit, knit your way to wrapping Michelangelo’s mutant face around your cup of Sanka.

You can get the pattern here.

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Dalek French Press Cozy


You probably took one look at this thing and thought you would be able to pick it up for a song on Etsy – however, this Dalek French Press Cozy by ravelry user Coryna Blasko is only available as a pattern, so it looks like you’ll have to mosey on over to grandma’s house to learn all about knitting and purling.

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I’m not sure I’d drink this coffee out of fear that grumpy octopus would strangle me the second I took a sip. He was crocheted for a White Elephant gift exchange and he even came with a warning about hot coffee and grumpiness.

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There’s nothing worse than burning the daylights out of your fingers when you grab a hot cup of coffee. It’ll never happen again thanks to this TARDIS coffee cozy. It’s handmade with thermal interfacing so your fingers will be safe. Wonder if this makes your cup bigger on the inside?

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Caffeinating…Please Wait

Now that’s a clever idea for a coffee cup insulator. Unfortunately, this version is sold out, but hopefully more will pop up in sewtara’s Etsy shop. Either way, it’s probably not that difficult to make a version of this that is even better.

Product Page (via Book of Joe)