Eat The Cupcake Sarlacc


The Sarlacc is known for eating things, so I find it fitting that you can eat the Sarlacc thanks to these cupcakes from Yummy Crumble. They’re perfect for your next Star Wars-themed party.

Part of me hopes someone tweaks the recipe to add a gummy Boba Fett either inside the cupcake or in various stages of escaping.

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Etsy seller ThickandThinDesigns is offering these Tentacle Cupcake Toppers in sets of 12, each set containing four different designs. The acrylic creations are shatter resistant, durable, cleanable and reusable as well as customizable – the seller providing the options of different colors and sizes as well as packs of 6 or an entire pack of one design.

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Hallmark R2D2-cupcake-holder

Hallmark and Star Wars have teamed up again to bring you something utterly adorable that you don’t really need but somehow really NEED.

Not only does this R2D2 Cupcake Holder hold cupcakes, it sings you happy birthday.

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I have Chicago’s The Meatloaf Bakery to thank for my newfound craving for a Loaf-A-Roma, which is described thusly:

Gooey fresh mozzarella cheese, sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil, and a splash of red wine make this beef and Italian sausage meatloaf a favorite. Topped with a swirl of angel hair pasta and served with our own marinara sauce. Featured on Cooking Channel’s Food(ography).

But that’t not all. They also have an entire selection of meaty cupcakes that come in bite-sized, cupcake-sized and pie/loaf/cake/tart-sized versions. You can even get meatloaf shipped in the mail if you live anywhere in the continental U.S.

(via Foodbeast)


Tina at Sugar Bean Bakers has sent us another tip and it’s a fun follow up to her Hogwarts Acceptance Letter cookies.

This time around it’s Hogwarts Sorting Cupcakes. It’s a pretty easy recipe: any flavor cupcake filled with a tinted cream filling in the house colors. But the fun part is that, aside from the filling, they all look the same. Which means, you need to bite into the cupcake to know which house you’ll be in.

Eating a cupcake. So. Much. Work. I’m sure you’ll all hate the idea. It’s much better than a hat that’s for sure.

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cupcake panties

I’d like to say up front that I don’t think it’s fair that my editor gave me this to write about while knowing I’d have to avoid making any inappropriate jokes about wanting to take a bite out of dessert.

I mean, come ON. They’re frilly cupcake panties with a cherry or a strawberry on top depending on whether you get blue or pink.

I don’t know what he expects of me. I really don’t. But here’s a way to have your cupcake and…

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cupcake science

I think cupcakes are magic because I’ve been known to burn water. However, this t-shirt has revealed that there is actually a science to them.

Magic or science? Who knows? I just know that cupcakes are delicious.

Product Page ($15)

jedi babies cupcake

When Jedi babies battle for the last cupcake in the galaxy, only one may get the cupcake, but we all win.

In the adorably titled Crib Wars Episode I: The Baby Menace by Oscar Rene, Darth Vader and Princess Leia use the powers of the force, their lightsabers, and even giggles to win the last cupcake in the galaxy.

Who will win?

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(via Cheezburger)

Ghibli - my neighbor totoro cupcakes

The creations of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli lend themselves to being re-created in the world of desserts. Characters like Totoro, Catbus, and Kiki are cute and look good on confections – like these cupcakes! These My Neighbor Totoro sweets were made for Westley J. Wong by his girlfiend, and the Totoro, Catbus, and soot sprite designs are simple and perfect.

See the precious Kiki’s Delivery Service cake after the break.

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