Dancing Groot Candy Cupcakes


Groot-themed everything is all the rage these days, and that certainly extends to edibles. DeviantArt user AnimeGeer sculpted a baby Groot and made a food safe mold. Then she made all these dancing Groot cupcake toppers with candy melts from that mold and dressed them up with a little green frosting. They look delicious and adorable.

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funnel cake cupcake

There are times that food at the L.A. County Fair gets a little crazy, but these new Funnel Cake Cupcakes by My Delight Cupcakery look like a little piece of heaven.

If funnel cake isn’t your thing, they’re serving up all kinds of goodies through the end of the month at the Fair (You can check out the PDF menu here). I’m thinking I may have to drop by for a Jack and Cherry Coke cupcake. That sounds amazing.


Before you get in your car to head down there, I reported incorrectly that My Delight would be at the L.A. County Fair. The”Fair-inspired” menu is currently available at their regular locations during normal business hours.

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hedwig cupcakes

These adorable Hedwig the owl cupcakes are perfect for your next Harry Potter themed party, or the next party your kids have at school. Watch as Rosanna Pansino of Nerdy Nummies walks you through the process of creating these tasty treats from start to finish.

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dancing baby groot cupcakes

These super cute dancing baby Groot cupcakes by JK Denim of the Koalipops YouTube channel are both adorable and easy to make.

All you’ll need are some pre-made cupcakes, shortbread dough, icing, a piping bag, and a DIY Groot stencil.

And the best thing is that you could put a dancing baby Groot on other food too. Think of the possibilities!

You can watch the tutorial after the break.

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Here are the perfect treats for you next Harry Potter themed party. JustJenn has created three different kinds of cupcakes, including a golden snitch that will have you longing to watch a game of quidditch. They’re made by covering a malt ball in yellow chocolate and then piping out little wings in the same chocolate. She’s also made one with a chocolate frog topper and another with a Harry Potter logo cookie.

See the rest of the cookies and get the full recipes at JustJenn.

luna ball cupcakes

Ant Roman of Nerdache Cakes is a favorite of ours and, with videos like this one on her Luna Ball Cupcakes, it’s pretty easy to see why.

Not only did she put her hair up in Usagi buns for the video, she uses terms like “piping tippy thing” and does a very cool time lapse of her building her fondant Luna Ball.

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Crumbs Bake Shop abruptly closed its doors on Monday, but all hope is not lost. What’s being billed as the last cupcake from Crumbs is currently up for auction on eBay.

This cupcake was purchased at the Crumbs Bake Shop on 42nd Street. Little did Likeable Media know it would be the last “Birthday Cupcake” we ever purchased. Now we’d like to pass on the joy to you! We are going to freeze it to make sure it doesn’t go stale. But best bet is to use the BUY IT NOW option.

The cupcake already has bids, so it’s going to sell for at least several hundred dollars! Hey, in an age when a potato salad kickstarter can raise over $50,000, a cupcake going for hundreds should be no surprise.

(via The Mary Sue/ Image via Jim Larrison)


A kid’s birthday party in Juneau, Alaska, went from normal to bizarre and scary recently. A young black bear fell through a skylight window during the gathering. From the CBC:

The home owners, Alicia Bishop and Glenn Merrill, told the Juneau Empire the bear landed in their living room.

“I was literally in the room, and I heard this cracking,” Merrill told the paper, describing the sound of the skylight’s plexiglass creaking under the bear. “And the next thing you know, there’s this bear that, I mean, literally, fell right from (the skylight). It was like one metre away from me.”

Merrill told the paper he fled into an adjoining room and closed the door behind him, and Bishop said the animal feasted on her infant son’s birthday cupcakes.

Bishop told the paper that she opened a door from the living room that led to the backyard and that the couple yelled at the animal until it casually walked out of their residence.

The animal didn’t harm any humans, but officials believed it could have been the same bear that entered another home in the same area. Sadly, they “destroyed” it to be on the safe side.

(CBC via io9, image via The Canadian Press)

edible wafer cases

Allow me to introduce you to something amazing. Dr. Oetker’s Edible Wafer Cases. Yep, edible cupcake wrappers. Not just that — they’re bake stable, so you don’t even need to use a cupcake tray. You can just put the batter in the wrapper and cook them up on a baking sheet.

It’s a small thing, but it feels like a huge step forward for humanity.

I mean, think about how much cake you lose to the wrapper. Not to mention, no more eating the paper because you were nomming to fast. I’m sure you’ve never done that…

They come in a pack of six. Each pack contains three pink and three blue Edible Wafer Cases. They’re also gluten free and vegan and, did I mention, edible?

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teen wolf cake

Ant Roman over at Nerdache Cakes loves MTV’s Teen Wolf. Like a lot. Enough that she created a cupcake flavor called Wolfsbane along with the epic creation pictured here.

The cake has 10 edible fondant-chocolate figures, is based on art by GuzuSuru, and took 4 days to complete.

Plus, tiny LaCrosse gear FTW!

There are more pictures of this badass cake after the break.

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