Have you ever seen a Dalek be more adorable? Now you can enjoy a properly nerdy cup of coffee or tea with this ceramic Dalek creamer.

Each 10 oz Dalek creamer is hand made from both slab and wheel-thrown components with extreme attention to detail.

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dalek cake 1

Finally, a Dalek that won’t go after the Doctor! This Dalek won’t be exterminating anyone because it’s only a harmless cake. Happy Occasion Cakes made this edible version of a Dalek, and it’s so detailed that it practically looks like a toy. The fact that the eyestalk and base light up only adds to that illusion.

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This little Dalek bottle opener has no intention of taking over the world. He just wants to help you exterminate beer down your throat. Preorder now for delivery at the end of July.

Product Page (£13.99 or $23.24 via Geek Alerts)

dalek cake 1

Deciding on a wedding cake can’t be an easy task. Even if you can narrow it down to a geeky focus, how do you choose? One couple had no trouble settling on life-sized Dalek cakes. Yes, plural. The bride and groom Dalek cakes made by Dinkydoodle Designs stand at 5 feet tall. I’m stunned. It took the baker and three assistants a whole week to complete the Doctor Who themed cakes for a Whovian wedding. I hope they used a sonic screwdriver to cut the slices!

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The Ultimate Dalek Cake

dalek cake

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This Dalek Cake was crafted from a motley assortment of wibbly wobbly timey wimey… stuff, by Charm City Cakes. This particular cake features the 11th Doctor, a giant Dalek, a TNG Star Trek Character and the TARDIS, of course!

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Gold Dalek Cookies


Gold Dalek cookies by Honeycat Cookies.

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doctor who baking supplies 8

It’s only appropriate that the UK would get the most awesome Doctor Who baking supplies ever, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Lakeland has a ridiculous number of bakeware and decorating packs just for the beloved series. You can get a Dalek cake mold, adorable cake pans featuring seven different designs, Dalek straw tappers, cupcake wraps, and for pity’s sake you can even get a Sontaran cookie cutter. All of this would be perfect for a Doctor Who 50th Anniversary celebration.

Now, who do I know in England?

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Dalek Cake made by Planet Cake.

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Recipe by Chocoblog.

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