darth vader

lightsaber bbq fork

Grilling techniques from the galaxy far, far away are coming to Earth. We’ve already seen lightsaber BBQ tongs, and now ThinkGeek’s offering a lightsaber BBQ fork to go with them. The stainless steel design won’t let you turn hot dogs over with the Force but using a lightsaber is the second best thing, right? Right.

See a close-up of the hilt/grip after the break.

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Darth vader popcorn stormtrooper mug

Add a touch of the Dark side to your next movie marathon with this Darth Vader popcorn bucket and Stormtrooper mug! The plastic products are functional for serving food and beverages, but you could also use them as decoration or even for storage. Keep tea bags in Darth Vader’s head, or serve candy in the Stormtrooper’s helmet. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Product Page ($38.95 via 7 Gadgets)

vader cupcake

Everyone says the Dark side has cookies, but I think they have cupcakes too and Disney has whipped up a batch of special Darth Vader treats for Star Wars Weekends. The event kicks off this Friday, and a Darth Vader cupcake will be available for all to enjoy. But, what happens if Vader is left alone in the pastry display case overnight? As you’ll see in the video after the break, he falls to the Dark Side and wrecks everything.

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Quick heads up: If you plan on inviting a certain Sith lord over for dinner, you should know that he has a thing for pepper. If you run out, he may find your lack of pepper… disturbing. So make sure to stock up on plenty of the spicy stuff by getting this Darth Vader pepper shaker.

Naturally, every Sith lord needs a good minion, so the set comes complete with a companion Stormtrooper saltshaker.

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This Darth Vader toaster will turn your breakfast into a Dark Side feast. It will leave the image of the Dark Lord of the Sith and the Star Wars logo on your toast, but the best part is the toaster itself. It’s shaped just like Darth Vader’s helmet. Preorder now for delivery this July.

Product Page ($44.99)


Vader’s one of the baddest Sith in the galaxy, so when he tells his one and only son to eat his veggies, he must obey. So if you want the veggie-dodger in your house to finally listen up and start eating more carrots or potatoes or something else that grows in the dirt, then you’ll have to pick up this Star Wars BBQ Apron by SatMorning Pancakes. It’s currently sold out, but the Etsy-based artist does custom orders.

Product Page: ($22.00)


You might be asking yourself: Why would someone take a cardboard cutout of Darth Vader and then cover it in old, blackened and possibly foul-smelling banana peels? Well, artist Matthew J. Mahoney is on to something if you ask me. Darth Vader only ever wore the one suit of armor, which tells me that he was probably a little “ripe” during Episodes IV-VI.

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star wars mcquarrie beer stein

Ralph McQuarrie is responsible for most of the iconic Star Wars imagery you know and love, but not all of his concept art made it to the screen. This hefty ceramic beer stein features his concept painting of Darth Vader’s castle. McQuarrie didn’t have the chance to finish it so it was completed by artist Paul Bateman for Celebration Europe II.

The only word to describe art like this is “epic”. If anything deserves to be on an elaborate stein, it’s this piece. Keep in mind that it’s only available in limited quantities. So go ahead, order one and then pour out 20oz and drink to McQuarrie and Darth Vader.

Product Page ($74.99)


Coming soon to our Nerd Approved Shop: use the powers of the dark side to open bottles of even darker ale with this solid metal Darth Vader bust. The opener measures 4″ and is equipped with magnets for easy fridge-stickage. If you prefer a member of the rebel alliance open your brew, check this out.

Pre-Order now for a January 2014 release.

Darth Vader Bottle Opener ($16)

force choke t-shirt

And it’s zero calories, for Dark Side members who watch their weight.

Product Page: ($22 via Shirtoid)