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The real secret behind why the Death Star had an Achille’s heel is that the engineers were too busy tossing back That’s No Moon ale. The dark wheat beer distracted everyone except Darth Vader and stormtroopers since they couldn’t drink through their masks.

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death star cupcakes 1

The domed tops of cupcakes are the perfect shape to become a Death Star. This take on the powerful battle station by Stuffed Cakes is sugary and not quite as intimidating. These delicious-looking desserts are almost as detailed as the ship; you can spot the familiar lines and the all important laser dish. However, I can’t spot any thermal exhaust port flaws in this design.

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death star cutting board 2

Cutting vegetables and fruits is one of my least favorite things to do in the kitchen, and I bet I’m not alone in those feelings. This Death Star “Worktop Saver” cutting board could go a long way towards making the chore more interesting. I could pretend to shove cucumber slices into the thermal exhaust port!

If you don’t need another cutting board, you could definitely use this weapon as a serving tray. It would be ideal for a Star Wars-themed party.

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death star ginger cookies

It certainly took buckets of sweat to build the second Death Star, but this gingerbread version was built with love. The space station recently took the prize in a gingerbread tournament at The Swedish Centre for Architecture. Twelve people worked on the Love Star, and they used about 1,200 heart-shaped gingerbread cookies to build up the layers and innards of the giant weapon. I’m impressed and also tempted to shove my face into the under construction side and start eating.

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This spice grinder is the ultimate power in your kitchen! It’s made from non-toxic polymer clay and then painted with acrylic paint. It measures just a little smaller than a baseball and features a magnet to hold the two halves together and little dimples at the bottom so it will sit on the table and not roll away to destroy planets.

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May The Meat Be With You

star wars meat 1

Someone in the butcher’s department has too much time on his or her hands, but I’m completely okay with it. Ground meat looks much more appealing when it’s sculpted into Star Wars shapes like R2-D2, the Death Star, and a TIE Fighter. Now only if they would retain that shape when they get put on the grill.

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death star cake

Groom and Design Director for David Copperfield, Homer Liwag, created this “Death Star Cake” video at his recent wedding, which shows the Death Star Cake being destroyed by the Rebel Alliance’s sweet tooth.

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Death Star Slurpee

Some merchandising ideas are just too good to leave unmade, and this design for a Death Star Slurpee cup by Dave Delisle needs to be a real product. This cool cup would fly off shelves wherever it’s sold. It’s so simple and genius that maybe Stormtroopers would make a custom straw hole part of their armor.

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Death Star Lollipops


Where the Rebel Alliance had to organize a military campaign to bring about the demise of the Death Star, these pops will allow you to do the job all by yourself, with your mouth acting as the weapon of destruction:

They are beautifully created by hand. The mold I use is unique and hand crafted, allowing for no seems. Each side is poured independently and is completely smooth all the way around. The front of the lollipop is a proprietary blend of Isomalt, Sugar and Corn Syrup. This blend produces superb clarity. The backside is poured with a mixture of corn syrup and sugar, color black.

In case you were wondering, the Death Star is flavored like marshmallow, suggesting a partnership of evil between the dark side and Stay Puft.

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