Making Easter eggs is fun but, if you’re anything like me, your crafting skills may be lacking. Which is why I think these printable Adventure Time egg costumes are kinda brilliant.

The Lumpy Space Princess is my personal favorite, but they’re all really cute and very manageable, even for craft noobs like myself. Plus they’re free to download and print.

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diypopcorn copy

Leave it to a crazy Russian to make a popcorn machine out of an old beer can. YouTuber CrazyRussianHacker posted a DIY video where he makes popcorn on a stove using an empty Fosters can. It’s actually pretty simple too. Although, maybe someone should tell CrazyRussian that you can use a pot to make popcorn too. Or a microwave. Honestly, whatever works.

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DIY Dalek

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Untitled copy

Summer’s almost over, so now’s the time to get in your last minute summertime fun stuff. Perfect example: Make yourself a tasty watermelon smoothie in no time using only a coat hanger and a drill.

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T-Rex’s tiny arms haven’t stopped him from becoming the bearer of food at dinner parties – he just uses his neck for the job instead. If you have the time to invest in a DIY project, you too can have a classy dish of this caliber. Check out Three Little Monkeys Studio for a step by step.

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DeviantART user JouzuMania is in the process of developing bottle papercraft models of all the vigors in Bioshock Infinite. Templates for the latest offerings, Undertow and Murder of Crows bottles, are available for download here.

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You can follow the instructions in the video after the jump to create a pulley system that will draw chips to the top of the cylindrical container, or you could avoid the extra work and just tip the can. The choice is yours.

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beer bottle lamps top

The age of Beer O’Lanterns has arrived with these DIY bottle lamps from Instructables user “fabulouswailer”.

this instructable (my first ever) is about cutting and drilling glass bottles, wiring a fluorescent bulb into them and sealing them back up again to have a standalone light.

Check out a link below for a step by step.

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JacquieLongLegs has parlayed her love of Game of Thrones into DIY dragon Easter eggs that can be made with relatively little effort. If you want to cut to the chase and get right to the tutorial, skip the first 20 seconds of the video after the jump.

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TMNT Coffee Cup Cozy

tmnt coffee cozy

Once again, you probably thought that slapping down a few bucks would earn you a unique handmade accessory – in this case a TMNT coffee cup cozy. The good news is that you’re right, as long as you take Etsy out of the equation and send those bucks into the cash registers of craft shops, where you’ll be buying tools to knit, knit, knit your way to wrapping Michelangelo’s mutant face around your cup of Sanka.

You can get the pattern here.

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