YouTuber Mini Gear features videos that teach you how to build various toys and machines out of cardboard. They’ve been on a vending machine kick lately, and this Oreo and milk model is the most interesting of the bunch thus far. I wouldn’t bother monetizing yours however. These Oreo are as easy to steal as poop bags in the park. See how it was made below. [click to continue…]

Inventor and lunatic Colin Furze is back with another deadly and/or amazing and/or marginally useful homemade contraption that’s designed to help you pass the time and keep an eye on your pizza rolls. Behold, the Play-o-Wave gaming microwave. [click to continue…]

This custom cookie box takes snacking security very seriously for those that lack self-control. If you want to break your diet with a cookie, you’ll need to convince someone to help you. [click to continue…]

If you enjoy relatively pointless and time-consuming customizations, then you’ll love the following project. YouTuber Tim Gremalm didn’t like his microwave buzzer, so he swapped it for the Windows XP startup sound. Personally, I think erotic moaning sounds would have been hilarious and totally worth it, but to each his own. See it in action below (the relevant bit starts 30 seconds in). [click to continue…]

Willem Pennings spent several months of his free time in the pursuit of an elegant and advanced M&Ms and Skittles sorting machine. I assume Apple is going to hang back and see where this goes before jumping into the market with their own overpriced product, but Pennings’ machine isn’t going to be easy to improve upon. [click to continue…]

When I was in junior high, a few of my enterprising classmates sold candy and other treats at school for a significant markup—that is until their empires were brought down by the faculty. Clearly, they didn’t like anyone muscling in on their sweet vending machine profits. Despite this, I recall that our teachers were rationing chalk at one point. Plus, our school lunches were probably made from gym mats. I think the principal had a racket going—but I digress.

Did you know that you can turn your school locker into a vending machine for fun and profit? Here’s how it works: [click to continue…]

You get yourself a lathe goddammit. Get some wood, fire that thing up and carve yourself some LOTR goblets like the ones made by imgur user TheHarlequinLady. No toasters, no serving sets. Lathe. Something nerdy on a lathe—that’s the only way to do this properly.

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I’d love to have an R2 unit of my very own to help around the kitchen, but unfortunately, I don’t think that’s in the cards. The best I can do is probably make myself an R2-D2-themed steampunk teapot. It’s not as difficult as you might think.

In the latest episode of Awe Me’s Artist Series, Marissa Deal shows us how to make a brass-and-rivets-style teapot with a little Star Wars flair. See how it’s done in the video below. [click to continue…]


Bottle cap bar tops aren’t a new concept, but imgur user thepassionofthechris has perfected it with this build. Apparently, friends and family saved caps for five years specifically for this project. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Imgur user “MymlanOhlin” fashioned this DIY “Alabuster” craft project that will give your wine bottles a skeletal Halloween vibe.

She also gave the world a step-by-step tutorial of the creative process, which involves printing or tracing an anatomically correct skeleton hand, modelling each individual bone with clay and assembling them on a paper backing for easy flexing around the bottle, while a clay skull is created directly on the container itself.

As you’ll see below, the process requires more time, tools and talent than most of us possess. [click to continue…]