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Doctor Who and My Neighbor Totoro together on a cake? It’s perfection right down to the teeny Adiposes and Soot Sprites.

I’m conflicted though. I think this cake made by Little Cherry Cake Company is probably delicious, but I’d feel like a horrible person cutting into it. It’s so cute! Check out more pics after the break…


The Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver has taken many forms, but none have been edible.

Behold Sonic 2.0.

Modeled on the Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver, this edible option measures 6.5″ long, and contains a pretzel stick wrapped in caramel and covered in chocolate. Think Twix, but with pretzel instead of cookie, and Sonic Screwdriver instead of stick thing.

They’re $15 from The Truffle Cottage, who also make a selection of other Whovian treats from cookies and creme Daleks to TARDIS-shaped truffles. Yum yum!

So the question is… Who’s ready for dessert?

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doctor who plate and bowl

The 12th Doctor knows how to wield a spoon, so it stands to reason that he would love this cosmic ceramic plate and TARDIS bowl set.

See? He’s enjoying it already…

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Last we saw Geeky Hostess Tara Theoharis on the blog, we were talking about her Geeky Sprinkles.

Now that she’s conquered sprinkles, she’s taking on tea. She’s starting with three new blends: Doctor’s Blend, Lion’s Blend, and Mechanic’s Blend based on Doctor Who, Game Of Thrones and Firefly respectively.

You can get them individually or in a set. If they taste as good as they look, you should be very happy indeed. Oh, and each blend includes those sprinkles for an added hit of “sweetness and geekness”.

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weeping angel mug

How badly do you need coffee in the morning? Are you willing to tangle with a Weeping Angel to get your fix?

Filling this heat changing travel mug with hot liquid causes an attacking angel to appear. Fortunately, if you drink enough coffee not blinking won’t be a problem.

Product Page ($16.99)


This Doctor Who-themed wedding cake is the work of The Giant Cupcake Shop. It’s a beautiful and elegant white wedding cake on one side, but spin it around and it’s a Dalek ready to ruin the wedding.

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These glass storage jars from Animusrhythm feature chibi versions of some of your favorite characters. There are jars with Sherlock, Watson, Sailor Moon, The Doctor, and even Eren and Levi from Attack on Titan. Each 8oz jar measures 4″ tall by 2.75″ wide and 2.75″ deep with a cork lid and wooden spoon.

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Etsy seller ElysiumWoodworks wants to help you learn about the cosmos while you’re choppin’ broccoli, and to that end have created this limited edition solar system cutting board emblazoned with planet names, distances from the sun, orbital periods and pictographic representation of moons. A few asteroid and kuiper belt objects have also been included, as well as a nod to Doctor Who with an optional migratory space whale near Pluto.

The board is available in maple or cherry, measures 12″x 8″x.75″ and is sealed with food grade mineral oil and beeswax. Check out some additional photos after the jump.

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The TARDIS is bigger on the inside, so it will hold lots of your favorite beverage. This pitcher looks like the famous blue box and is made out of plastic with a secure lid.

The question is, does your orange juice go on time traveling adventures after you put it in the fridge?

Product Page ($30.99)


Sonic Screwdrivers are very handy, but they didn’t work on hot dogs until now. These officially licensed Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver BBQ Tongs are 22 1/2 inches long with a heatproof plastic handle and are made to look like the 11th and 12th Doctor’s Sonic. It even has sound effects!

Product Page ($35.99)