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This TARDIS snack cabinet was built by Whovian Craftster user BadWolf314 for her husband. He wanted a soda machine, but she did one better by making a snack cabinet shaped like the TARDIS for their movie room. It does soda, but she also managed to cram a microwave in there. Whichever Doctor shows up at their door, they’ll be sure to have the appropriate treat at the ready.

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This is one of those things that’s pretty much perfect if you’re a Doctor Who fan that needs a lot of coffee in the morning.

1) It’s that pretty Tardis blue.

2) It’s a 20oz mug. More ounces is never a bad thing.

3) It’s a travel mug. We always need one of those.

4) It’s a heat changing mug and, let’s face it, those are magic.

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Why use any old thermos? I mean, those plaid patterned ones are boring and the awesome ones that come in a lunch box are usually for cold things. So, go geeky with these stainless steel thermoses (thermosi?) by Theobald Graphics!

Personally, I’d get the Firefly version because that’s more my speed, but the Doctor Who, Star Wars, Spaceballs and Fraggle Rock versions are just as cool, fun, and functional.

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I’ve seen Adipose put into the Doctor Who villain category from time to time and I’ll never understand why. They’re just babies. Cute squishy, adorable fat babies. It’s not their fault that their wet-nurse Matron Cofelia decided to speed things up and killed people in the process. Besides, I know people who’d be totally down to lose weight using Adipose Technologies if it created these cuties.

Anything Adipose always gets a thumbs up from me. So kudos to Etsy seller Timestitcher for creating this half apron design.

Check out the full apron design after the break…

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Any Doctor Who fan knows that Lady Cassandra is all about hydration, which is why this “Moisturize Me” mug is so perfect. With Cassandra on the front and a TARDIS on the back, it’s a clever and fun way to enjoy a little Doctor Who during the day.

Product Page ($24)


It can be difficult to decide on a theme for your birthday cake, especially if you love science fiction. Apparently Neal decided to have Regali Kitchen combine all the sci-fi in one, glorious cake. There’s the Millennium Falcon and Death Star from Star Wars along with the Enterprise and a Klingon Bird of Prey from Star Trek.

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Firefly‘s Serenity is also there with a transport ship, as is the TARDIS from Doctor Who and a Dalek ship. There are even lighted effects to the ships’ engines or, in the case of the TARDIS, that little light on the roof.

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gitd gallifreyan mug

While I don’t normally drink things in the dark, I may need to make an exception with this Doctor Who mug. Not only does it glow in the dark, but you can have it personalized with your own name in Gallifreyan.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make life better. Glowing Gallifreyan mugs are one of them.

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doctor who rolling pin

It’s no secret that we think embossing rolling pins are pretty cool—but they’re even better when they’re geeky.

Now you can emboss your dough with Doctor Who, Adventure Time, Green Lantern, or Harry Potter designs. Cute and easy. I love it.

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You’ve successfully traveled through time and defeated the Daleks, which means that it’s time to celebrate! But if you’re going to raise a glass like a true Time Lord, then you better do it in style.

This hand-painted, 20-ounce Doctor Who glass was designed by artist Adrian Villanueva, and it is pretty fantastic to look at. It won’t be available until March 2015, but you can preorder now.

Product Page, Preorder: ($41.99)


If you’re a fan of Doctor Who, then you’ll love this officially licensed TARDIS Tablecloth. Needless to say, if Time Lord technology could make this tablecloth bigger on the inside that would be really something.

It’s made from a blend of 35 percent cotton and 65 percent polyester–sadly, no wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff was utilized in the manufacturing process.

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