smaug cake 1

Smaug spends most of his time covered in gold and looking menacing, but he occasionally takes a break to look fantastic in cake form. Baker Sheila Haughie of I Love Cakes By Sheila crafted this stunning dessert for a Cakes from Middle-earth Cake Collaboration in honor of  The Hobbit. The cake features Smaug flying towards Lake-town saying “I am fire, I am death” and spewing flames. Haughie placed LEDs inside the chest of the dragon to make it glow.

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dragon cake

This dragon can be easily vanquished with a simple fork. It’s insides also taste like cake so, naturally, they’ve been hunted nearly to extinction.

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dragon egg cookie jar

Get your hand out of that dragon egg! This officially licensed Game of Thrones cookie jar might not hold baby dragons, but I think chocolate chip cookies are an acceptable substitute. The green design is modeled after Rhaegal’s egg, and you can actually stuff whatever you want inside. It would look pretty in your kitchen or anywhere around your home.

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how to train your dragon cupcakes 1

Some of the dragons in How To Train Your Dragon look scary but most of them fall on the adorable side of the scale. Toothless is the cutest of them all. Baker Fernanda Abarca Cakes made three dozen cupcakes featuring not only the instantly recognizable Night Fury but also Gronckles and Deadly Nadders. Each dragon was sculpted and painted by hand. I can’t imagine how much time it must have taken. They were taken to a good home though – right to a crew at Dreamworks Animation. I’m going to guess they trained these dragons by eating them.

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Now that’s one tasty looking dragon! This Skyrim-themed cake was made by Border City Cakes, with Alduin crouched on top. Also, and rather appropriately, “Happy Birthday” and “Father’s Day” were written on the cake using the dragon alphabet.

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firebreathing smaug cake

There are dragon cakes and then there are fire breathing dragon cakes. This sugary goodness by Zion is worthy of the word “epic”. Clearly, she is a fan of The Hobbit, so she made the Smaug cake for her son’s birthday. Yeah, that’s better than any amount of birthday candles. I hope the flavor is red velvet.

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dragon egg cake game of thrones

Where are my dragons? Well, Khaleesi, they’ve been eaten. This dragon’s eggs cake is fashioned after the box Daenerys Targaryen kept before her dragons hatched. Every part is edible, and the eggs are appraently made from Rice Krispie treats covered in chocolate. They look scrumptious. How do you say “yummy” in Dothraki?

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JacquieLongLegs has parlayed her love of Game of Thrones into DIY dragon Easter eggs that can be made with relatively little effort. If you want to cut to the chase and get right to the tutorial, skip the first 20 seconds of the video after the jump.

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Dragon Cake

Puff, is that you? Awesome green dragon birthday cake baked by Cakes by Eve.

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With that title, I’m sure everyone went scrambling for their wallets in a frantic attempt to own a tiny piece of shriveled, inedible bacon. But for those who actually care about the details, here they are:

I Present you The legendary “Bacon Dragon” Born in November 9, 2012 in Phoenix,AZ. One of a kind Formation, The Bacon has spoken! This Bacon Art has Not been treated with anything nor manipulated to its form. This is Perfect for your Dragon or Bacon collection!

Yes… because we all have bacon collections.

Product Page: ($1k via OW)