If you have little ones, making sure they have a healthy, balanced breakfast to start their day off right is very important. It helps if they have some fun at breakfast time too. That’s why you should definitely check out this Egg-a-Matic Boiled Egg mold, which transforms boring boiled eggs into cool little scary skulls. It’s pretty simple to use: basically, all you do is boil an egg, peel it, place it into the mold and cool it. You’ll have a whole mess of grinning eggy skulls in practically no time!

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egg art 1

When people pack bento boxes, they can get deadly serious about making the contents appealing. That dedication goes beyond shaping rice into fun forms and can extend into turning hard-boiled eggs into creatures and characters. All it takes is creativity and patience to cut up some seaweed, cheese, or carrots and build things like Pikachu, Hello Kitty, chickens, otters, and more. I love it when my food is cute.

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Sure, you may be able to snap their tops off with the sharp tap of a spoon, but these little guys are still tough. These Sumo wrestler egg cups come in sets of two with one red and one black that make them perfect for early morning matches.

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The inclusion of eggs makes just about anything better. You can fry them, bake them, put them on a sandwich, mix them into cups – the list goes on. Besides being delicious, they’re beautiful. Bright yellow yolks, runny whites – Claire Thomas captures a ton of egg sexiness in a short appropriately titled, “Eggs.”

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Making Easter eggs is fun but, if you’re anything like me, your crafting skills may be lacking. Which is why I think these printable Adventure Time egg costumes are kinda brilliant.

The Lumpy Space Princess is my personal favorite, but they’re all really cute and very manageable, even for craft noobs like myself. Plus they’re free to download and print.

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Why have a boring old egg cup when you can get your Star Wars fix at breakfast with this Star Wars R2-D2 Egg Cup?

Just pop the dome off and R2’s body will hold your egg while you eat. You’ll have to supply your own bips and boops.

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Do you have a passionate hatred for eggs? If so, this video is going to make you so happy. The crew over at Dude Perfect rounded up 720 eggs and wrecked them to broken yolks and shells. That might not sound like anything worth watching, but it’s in BroMo. The ongoing series puts “guy things” in slow motion. Watch them blow up, squish, shoot, and do everything they can to destroy a bunch of eggs in slo-mo.

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egg lightsaber

You know how some websites exist on the internet strictly for the purpose of trolling you? That seems to be the premise of YouTube’s HowtoBasic. You’re not actually going to learn anything, but you’ll most likely be bewildered and maybe entertained. Oh, and there are always raw eggs.

In this episode, you’re supposed to learn how to make a lightsaber from raw eggs over the course of an impossibly weird reenactment of the Star Wars trilogy.

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This little suit of armor egg cup will hold your soft-boiled egg safely in its grasp and look stupidly adorable at the same time. He even comes equipped with his very own egg spoon lance for breaking off the top of the egg to get to its yummy innards. They say it’s perfect for kids, but I think it’s just as perfect for us grown-up types, too.

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Aw, romance is all the sweeter for involving a little bacon. This GIF playing on the movie Love Actually was created by Denny’s and it might be the most romantic thing you see this Christmas. Behold, the lowly bacon professing his love for the lovely egg. Stupid egg. Who would turn down bacon?

(Denny’s via Mashable)