Brighten up your breakfast with a little bit of Pokemon cosplay for your eggs thanks to Etsy seller SundayCosplay. These 3D-printed Pokemon Togepi egg holders are made from white ABS, and the holder can fit one large egg (chicken, not Pokemon—those kinds of eggs are a little rare).

Pokemon Togepi Egg Holder: ($15.00)


In an effort to make the task of handling boiled eggs more simple and fun, Monkey Business created this device that transforms them into ninjas.

The “Egg Ninja” comes in a set of two and is reportedly able to accommodate most egg sizes (we assume ostrich is excluded). They will also allow your eggs to partake in some cosplay before they are destroyed and consumed… that is unless they are able to get away using the art of ninja stealth.

Product Page: ($13)


Egg Addiction knows importance of a well balanced breakfast. They also know how the Internet works. Enter the Cat Egg Mold.

Just place the mold on a non-stick pan and crack two eggs over the eyes, then watch the sweet cat face take shape.

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KOT11429 (1)

Hard-boiled eggs are tasty, but they can look kind of…boring, so why not squish them into a Star Wars shape? It seems like the logical thing to do.

These Star Wars egg shapers let you make your own R2, Threepio, Stormtrooper, or Darth Vader eggs. Just boil and peel the egg, pop it in the mold and squish! Use the Force to crush Vader once and for all!

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Eggvengers: Age of Yolktron are cute costumes for your Easter eggs created by the folks at You can even download the printable costumes for free!

There’s Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, and more. See them all after the break.

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Hard boiled eggs usually have the white on the outside with a yolk at their centers, but this video shows you how to reverse that so the yolk is on the outside. It looks freaky and would be an awesome trick for Easter. The video is in Japanese but it shows you what you need to know. The trick is to wrap the egg in a sock and spin it quickly to make the yolk flow to the outside of the shell before you put it in to boil.

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Mmmmm… bacon. Honestly, there’s nothing better than crispy bacon and two sunny-side-up eggs. That’s why I dig this Bacon & Eggs Blanket Pillow Set. It’s sure to make your dreams about breakfast even more intense.

Product Page: ($47.45 via Geek Alerts)

zombie omelettes

I don’t usually feel the desire to make my food scary or gross, but I can see why it’s appealing to some. At least a handful of folks in Japan transformed their rice omelets (omurice) into zombie graveyards for kicks – complete with hot dog fingers. One such instance was for Halloween, but the other photos of zombie omelets were posted year-round. That’s right folks, zombies aren’t seasonal anymore.

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If you have little ones, making sure they have a healthy, balanced breakfast to start their day off right is very important. It helps if they have some fun at breakfast time too. That’s why you should definitely check out this Egg-a-Matic Boiled Egg mold, which transforms boring boiled eggs into cool little scary skulls. It’s pretty simple to use: basically, all you do is boil an egg, peel it, place it into the mold and cool it. You’ll have a whole mess of grinning eggy skulls in practically no time!

Product Page: ($8.99)

egg art 1

When people pack bento boxes, they can get deadly serious about making the contents appealing. That dedication goes beyond shaping rice into fun forms and can extend into turning hard-boiled eggs into creatures and characters. All it takes is creativity and patience to cut up some seaweed, cheese, or carrots and build things like Pikachu, Hello Kitty, chickens, otters, and more. I love it when my food is cute.

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